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johninar 03-24-2010 12:21 PM

Best prices for Yamaha Generators
I'm looking for a 4500 Inverter. Any place that someone can recommend?
I tried and after giving them my money earlier this month, I got the run around after they told me I would have it in 3 business days. Every day a different story, or no return phone call. I finally got them to cancel the order yesterday. Apparently they never had them in stock in the first place. Now I'm looking for someone reputable, and of course I'd like to save some money. The list price of $3300+ puts it out of my reach.

Thank you in advance,


Frank&Mike 03-24-2010 08:42 PM

Best prices for Yamaha Generators
In my search for a new generator, I called the local Yamaha dealership, told them about the various websites where I found the generator I wanted, and after the local Yamaha dealership spent a few hours reviewing those sites, the local dealership called me at the end of the business day and agreed to beat the lowest price on the websites by roughly $50. You may want to take this same approach with your local Yamaha dealership and see what success you have. It was also worth it to me to be able to spend my $ locally.

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