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wildcat455 08-21-2003 09:04 PM

vintage door hardware/lockset
While getting the axles and brakes rebuilt at my local mechanics shop, some idiots broke the door lockset. The trailer was locked but evidently some curious party forced the door knob so that now it doesn't engage. I removed the entire door knob lock set, and now need help. It is an original unit to my 61 Overlander. It is identified as a 'Chesler model T-5. (round house type knob, square escutcheon. It has a seperate push button lock on the inside, and the outside knob is keyed. The inside knob still engages, but the outside knob just spins. I had to break into my trailer thru one of the jalousie windows to gain access. I'm gonna take it to a locksmith tomorrow, but imagine that I"m gonna be told "I've never seen anything like this before" I can't believe the weight, complexity and quality of this part. Anyone ever repair one of these? Thanks.. Mike

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