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Pahaska 08-08-2003 05:34 PM

Trip to Nails Creek State Patk, TX
This was my first visit to this park. The park is great for boaters (Lake Somerville) and equestrians, but it also has some good hiking trails.

The campground (W+E) is't the best that I have encountered. he asphalt pads at the sites are deteriorating, some to the point of being mostly gravel. OTOH, the sites are well spaces and there is some shade which was quite important with 4 days over 100 degrees. It is obvious that this is not a "rich" park like Lost Maples which gets thousands of visitors spring and fall.

When I arrived, there were only two ancient trailers at one end of the loop. I took a site well away which was good since one of them had a boombox loud enough that I could hear it inside my trailer 5 sites away. Fortunately, I like Patsy Cline! It was loud until the ranger came by, that is.

The second day, the original 2 trailers were gone and two 5th-wheel full-timers came in along with two couples with a tent. I really felt bad for the last. They had to really suffer from the heat. The third day, the tent was gone, but 2 popups and a white box came in and yook sites well away from me. I had my end of the line of sites all to myself for the whole time.

The equestrian area is on the other side of the park with nice corrals. I passed some riders while walking on the trail. Later, I was reading when I heard a female voice say "That's an Airstream ...". That kept alive my record of having the AS admired at every park I have visited. Sure enough, it was the riders I had passed that morning and they had to stop and admire the AS and pet my cat. They were in a tent in the equestrian area.

The Nails creek staff is very pleasant and helpful. I had a restful time even with the heat and I would go back to Nails Creek anytime.

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