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jjustice 12-30-2009 11:45 AM

Argosy Main Door latch/lock/handle problem
Well, my wife and I have a '78 Argosy 27ft where the door lock has broken. I have purchased the replacement door lock assembly from AS but my trusty local RV repair person (Ernie) called me today to say that the replacement door assembly does not have enough adjustment (depth with the inside/outside plates to cover the hole of the old door assembly and Ernie is concerned that when he cuts into the door that in the process of making the new door latch/lock fit the outer door skin may we damaged and I would need to have the door re-skinned! This sounds very expensive. So what I need is ideas from those who have replaced the old door locks with the new "improved" locks as to what actually did they do to solve the problem of the the replacement door lock not having enough adjustment in the depth when you add the plates to cover the old door latch hole. HELP! and thanks

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