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gaylejoe 09-15-2009 08:13 PM

Awning Damage
We recently purchased an 07 Safari and during an inspection of the awning we noticed a scratch going the entire length of the trailer. It was about 6 inches from the metal petition attaching the awaning to the trailer. Daylight can be seen in several locations and it apparant the life of this awaning has been shortened by several years.

We were puzzled at to what caused this damage. Luckly we were taking it to Zip Dee to have a street side awning installed on it. The Zip Dee people looked at it and told us they have seen this type of damage before. Zip Dee explained the damage most likely happened with the awning was removed from its container at Airstream . Apparently there was an exposed staple and it scratched the awning as it was removed from its container.

The previous owner did not know of the damage because he never used the awaning during the short time he owned the trailer.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced something like this on some recently purchased Airstreams.

We're gong to put some patched on it in hopes of extending its life and will have to wait and see.

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