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nightowlhooter1 07-11-2003 07:03 PM

bathroom floor
How hard is it to replace the rear 2 feet of the bathroom floor in a 1967 airstream rear bath model?

Coloradobus 07-11-2003 07:48 PM

Bath floor

We just tore our '67 Globertrotter clear apart last week. That included removing everything except the bathtub. EVERYTHING, including all the copper plumbing and palstic drain plumbing except for the bathtub piping.
Our floor back there was rotton. So we peeled the inner skin back and drilled and sawed off the bolts and the rivets that were holding the "house" to the frame. Because of the floor'scondition we had rear-end separation.
Tore the wood out from the back to the tub on the roadside, and took up the floor up all the way past the hot water heater. Cleaned everything up, and rebuilt the Thetford sewer side with the re-build kit. Used crowbars to inch the wood for the new floor under the 'House", that is between the chassis and "C"channel on the bottom of the house.
Put to hydraulic jacks under either side of the bumper, jacked her up, drilled our holes. Put our 3 inch long steel plates in the "C" channel with a bolt hole for the carriage bolts and tightned her up.
Lowered the jacks, and our trailer's body charged up. The center ceiling rose, and our sides didn't bulge so much. Success, I think>
Now I will need to check the roof for leaks, since the trailer has been so long in a squashed state.
Oh, we also ran a square tube in the bumpper bay directly under the access compartment door under the rear window to help the "C" channel's new bolts to squeeze everthing together acrossed the center of the back of the trailer.
Now we are waiting for all the goodies we have ordered toa rrive.
Next, is construction..

JohnG 07-11-2004 11:54 AM

Got any Pictures?
If you do I would be interested in seeing them since I think I am about to do the same type job on my 75 Sovereign.

If you have any photos you could email them or post them.............

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