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Bob Boucneau 07-11-2003 09:36 AM

How to check charging system (69 Safari)

Here is my ignorance showing...

We got our Safari yesterday... The PO drove off and my wife and I opened it up and jumped in.

(Lots of really good things happened here...just not important to this post. We're really excited and happy with our new A/S)

There was, however, no power. When we looked at it last weekend the Ampmeter and the Battery-condition guage both showed good (even when not attached to 110.) It's the same battery (I checked.) I hooked it up to my truck and we got I hauled it over to the storage center and went to work.

On the way home I stopped and put a Volt-meter on the battery (2.5v/No Amps (Apollo 13?)), checked the DC lights (nothing...) I plugged into my truck and got lights -- but nothing off the battery (not sure I checked right...) I unplugged my truck after about 10-15 minutes and the DC lights dimmed, but were still working after another 10-15 there was some residual charge in the battery. The ampmeter and battery condition guage still showed zip.

Fuses are all good.

One last thing (that may be a red herring): While moving the trailer to the storage centerv (about halfway there) my Prodigy brake controller told me the was an overload and then that there was a short in the braking system...I'm new with the controller and I'm not sure I set it right...or that I'm reading it right. The brakes worked fine last night when I tested them.

How would an experienced A/S owner go about checking that this system is working?

All answers and suggestions appreciated.


Pick 07-11-2003 10:36 AM

Sounds like your battery is shot. 2.5 volts is wayyyy below the minimum. Really should not be below 11.8-12 volts. 10.5 volts is considered a "dead" battery with 0% capacity.

First thing I would do is disconnect battery, and hook to shore power. You should have around 13.2-14 volts coming off the converter.

A good replacement battery would be a Trojan 31XHS.

Bob Boucneau 07-14-2003 10:48 PM

Thanks Pick,

I pulled out some hair trying to prove you were wrong (the PO said the battery was good...) but in the end plunked down the cash for a battery and got a fully functional electrical system in return.

You were absolutly right.

The old battery actually got to 4.5v on Saturday afternoon...before it got recycled.

Thanks again,


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