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hessehesse 07-07-2009 09:49 PM

Dangerously Naive '78 Tradewind Owner
Dangerously naive as I enter into the airstream world, but this forum definitely gave me a little confidence that this wouldn't be a total boondoggle. So, I am now the proud owner of a 78 Tradewind! I am very excited - and of course nervous - as this will be my new home and there are many unknowns regarding the condition. But I think the price is good relative to the risk and condition. I've attached some pics here.

My first dilemma will be to de-critter-ize it. It has been sitting on two different New Mexico ranches for 5 years (at least) - no use - other than many types and sizes of critters. Vacuuming out the droppings was like vacuuming out sand! Pretty disgusting (I used gas mask etc). I've caught one critter and I know there is one slightly larger one left, and possibly some other youngster visitor. My guess is there are some pretty luxurious suites beneath the floor. Any ideas on how to clear these guys out without some toxic agent orange mixture?

I'll be getting the systems checked over the next two more to come.

Here's a link to the pics...

Picasa Web Albums - John - Airstream

dlb435 07-08-2009 06:19 AM

I'd call in a pro. Sounds like you need to tent the trailer and fumigate.

Melody Ranch 07-08-2009 07:27 AM

One step at a time
It looks like a nice Airstream. Just keep at the clean up one area at a time. Your in New Mexico....bad place for Hantavirus (sp) from mouse droppings. Wear protection from the dust as you clean. Use traps on the mice/rodent problem. You don't want a dead one in the walls or bellypan. I'd treat the trailer for scorpions too. I had that problem in NM. Then wash it all probably needs it anyway. That includes curtains and is the foam in the beds and seats? With that heat on the ranches there I'd bet you need to replace it too....not a bad idea anyway. Get rid of the carpeting.

bullydogsmom 07-08-2009 03:10 PM

I would drop the belly pan. It's a job BUT, You don't want to breath in any of the mouse dropping. We dropped ours and what a mess. It was disgusting, but very necessary.


hessehesse 07-09-2009 07:53 AM

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm leaning towards dropping the belly pan idea... I'd like to see what's going on underneath anyway and then make it critter I go! I assume "drop the belly pan" means cutting out most of it and replacing? I'll browse the belly pan forums...

mello mike 07-09-2009 08:07 AM

No, dropping the belly pan means drilling out the rivets that hold it up. No need to cut anything.

igor 07-19-2009 02:03 AM

Welcome to Airstreaming! Looks like you have a good start already. I really like the kitchen in the 78s.

Pulling the sheeting off of the belly is not all that difficult, but then again, we don't have the critters here that you do either.

Again, welcome.

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