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SSChanger 07-03-2009 10:46 PM

Leak: Fired Up Hot Water, Now There's A Leak
1994 Excella Classic, 30', bought it two weeks ago. Just tried the hot water heater--it fires up fine. But there is now water leaking from the bottom of the AS--There is a box-like structure with a small hole in the edge, and water is dripping out.

Any ideas of how to find out where this is coming from? I'm assuming it's not normal. Thanks for your help!

Dennis Lovin, Huntsville, AL

Kevin245 07-06-2009 03:51 PM


Have you looked inside the water heater access door to see if the PRV (pressure relief valve) is leaking? This occurs in some cases, and may be the source of your leak.



michael13 07-07-2009 04:38 PM

in my case it was the water tank itself, i had to dismantle the water heater to find out that the aluminum tank was corroded.
so, out with the old and in with the new.....

good luck


SSChanger 07-15-2009 09:10 PM

Got the lesson, all right! Assumed it was the water heater leaking, even found what I thought was "proof" in the insulation blanket. So I ordered a new, updated Atwood GA6-8E unit ($451) and will soon have it installed.

The source of the leak, actually, is the gray water holding tank--probably the area near the dump valve inside the unit. The reason I know this is it---after removing the water heater, disconnecting the water, and then turning on the water pump and running water down the kitchen and bathroom sinks--here comes the leak. Fortunately, it is below any wood and probably won't cause any major problems for now. It will be an Airstream fortune to have them repair it.

I'm putting in my brand new water heater and moving on down the road--with a drip every few feet!


yakman 07-15-2009 09:46 PM

Stop right there! I have/had a similar leak that I discovered last week while camping on asphalt. Dripping around the outside valve area and dripping out of the small hole in the belly pan beneath the trailer. Thought it might be the freshwater holding tank as the water dripping didn't have any odor or slipperyness to it. Began probing inside the trailer through our small access port to the pump. Initially didn't see anything but after disconnecting the furnace duct, I noticed a small puddle of water.

Couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I'd wipe it up and then it would reappear. Discovered it was coming from the cold water line to the outside shower. I thought the line was cracked due to a failure in winterization. Couldn't feel a crack in the line. Went to HD where we were camping.. It's always fun to spend time fixing your trailer on a camping trip when you could be fishing... and bought some PEX line, crimp tool, and a Sharkbite stop. I tried to cut the pex crimp with a mini hacksaw to take the whole line out, but in that tight compartment, the effort was futile. Wait until I get home and Dremel it off!! I ended up cutting the line and capping it off with the Sharkbite. Don't leave home without some Sharkbite fittings!!

As it turns out, there is no crack in the line and I see corrosion on the copper pex rings just below the screw-on fitting to the outside shower and on the backside of the metal screw fitting itself. The inside rubber gasket looks not so good. I'm assuming the rubber gasket failed over the last year some time.... Bummer... but the trailer is still under warranty.. I will taking it to JC here soon for full repair.

Not sure if your setup is similar, but the symptoms sure are.

(strange coincidence- my folks had the same leak on a new FW last week. Difference being, he CRAWLED into his giant locker space and tightened the fitting and cured his leak!) I must say at times I envy the access on a FW.

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