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Don in E Texas 07-04-2003 05:35 PM

Carpet Squares
Today I removed all the old carpet, pad, staples, etc and have the "wood" all cleaned up and ready for new carpet.

What I've decided to install is 18" square Commercial Grade carpet squares. Just lay down some double sided carpet tape and place tiles. The seam is not visable (some patterns the seam is visable - depends on what style you may want). To remove a tile (to clean, or replace) just grab it with pliers and pull.

Cost is about $1.00 per ft.

Just another idea for the group.


geof 07-04-2003 07:43 PM

I'm using commercial rubber backed carpet runner-36"wide-..cut it to fit, droped it in. When it is dirty I remove it to outside and wash it with the hose....let it dry over fence and back in it goes....doesn't shift when towing....I painted the wood floor with 2 coats of porch enamel and a coat of sealer, so it is water resistant/proof....took 40' rollX36" wide because I have stripped out the interior of my old '77 and made it more "spartin"....couldn't stand the fru-fru dust dirt cloth colors and mold!.....geof

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