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mcostanzo 06-26-2003 07:04 PM

Use household 110 Outlets?
Today I was inspired to install aluminum sheeting behind the bathroom sink. There is a double 110 V outlet on the wall there and so I removed it. It is a snap-together design that undoubtedly lends itself to assemblyline use, but I could not get it back together. Seems like a single-use gadget.

My question for the electical experts on the forum: is there any reason not to use a house-type outlet?

By the way, when this outlet got snapped together, one of the contacts did not get aligned properly with its respective hole, and there is no way it would work. I did not know that since I had never happened to use that outlet. So if you happen to encounter a non-functioning outlet, you might have a look at the outlet itself.



john hd 06-26-2003 07:31 PM


can you post a picture of the broken outlet?


ericandterry 06-26-2003 08:35 PM

The two piece outlet design was annoying enough for me that I went ahead and used a standard household outlet to replace the one behind our bath mirror.
I made sure to pull a little extra wire out so that I could strip them back at the point where they we're squeezed together with the two piece outlet and cut the ends of the wire to about 3/4" so that they didn't come in contact with anything when attached to the outlet.

Pahaska 06-26-2003 09:34 PM

Household outlets
No reason not to use them. I used one in my conversion from dinette to couch. Household outlets are a lot more reliable than the RV outlets I have seen.

mcostanzo 06-26-2003 10:22 PM

Thanks for the input guys. John, I can't do it until Monday. Headed out of town for a few days.

mcostanzo 06-26-2003 10:30 PM

John, I just realized the kids are taking the digital camera for the next 2 weeks on their visit to see their grand parents. So no pictures possible for a while.

Not much to see, really. The metal contact strip for one of the poles of the plug was just not in its channel. That's not why I couldn't make it work. It was more a matter of the effort required to make the darn thing work being way out of proportion in comparison to a normal outlet due to the way this piece was engineered.


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