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Andy R 05-21-2002 05:34 PM

Cleaning a 41 year old AlumiTank?
OK, After analyzing the plubming in my trailer I have come to the conclusion that re-plumbing the entire trailer is in my best interest. I took out a piece of old copper pipe that was connected with clamps to plastic pieces. Some water drained out and there was some long green stuff (algea?) that poored out! Some nasty mud like stuff followed shortly after.

Since my trailer is gutted at the moment, I have taken the original AlumiTank out and would like to see if anyone has a method for REALLY CLEANING IT [b]WELL]/b]. Are there any professional cleaning methods that I can take advantage of? If I have all new plumbing, I want to make sure the tank is super clean too!

Anybody ever heard of taking an aluminum tank in to a shop for them to clean? I figure there must be some process that can clean the tank better than just adding some baking soda.

Any input is greatly appreciated!



Jim Clark 05-21-2002 07:54 PM

Bleach, and more Bleach, flush, bleach, flush, bleach,flush, flush, flush. Worked on my tanks and works on boats.

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