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b8sfamily 03-22-2009 10:39 AM

Newbie general electrical questions
I have just taken posession of my 'new' 31' 1986 Sov. I brought it home yesterday, and everything appears to be in good working order. However, I have a couple of 'electrical' questions. Please note that the only experience I have with electricity, is turning of a light switch and using the microwave.
My questions are:
1) When I plug the main power cable into my land based power source (cable has 3 way to 2 adapter) I can feel low voltage 'charges' on parts of my trailer, door etc. (slight tingling to touch)??? Short????
2) What is the difference/ purpose of the main chord vs. the 'outlet' on the side of the AS under the flap?

overlander63 03-22-2009 10:45 AM

The shore power cord is the inlet, the socket under the flap is an outlet.
The shock you feel when you touch the trailer is probably a short, where the insulation has come off the wire, and the wire is touching something metal in the trailer.
If you are using a 30 amp to 15 amp adapter, make sure the 15 amp adapter has a ground prong, and the outlet you are plugging into is properly grounded.

DEITZ645 03-22-2009 10:46 AM

If you are getting a low voltage shock, then you are not plugging into a grounded outlet. The 30 aml 3 way plug should be plugged into a three plug adapter that will fir a 15 amp house outlet. If your current adapter does not have the third grounding ptong, go an get one. It should look like this...

The otlet on the outside of the traile is just an accessory outlet to plug in awning lights, margarita blenders:brows:, and other such things.

Congratulations on your Airstream and remember to ask lots of questions, no matter how silly you may think they sound.

PS - You may wish to invest in an outlet / cirquit tester. I keep one plugged into the 120V outlet just inside the door. That way I know in an instant if I have shore power and if the circuit is properly grounded.

overlander63 03-22-2009 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by DEITZ645 (Post 679198)
Congratulations on your Airstream and remember to ask lots of questions, no matter how silly you may think they sound.

Remember, the only truly stupid question is the one not asked.

HowieE 03-22-2009 10:53 AM

You can not use a 3 to 2 adapter without running the risk of killing yourself. What has happened is you have reversed the polarity to the trailer and now have voltage on the skin.

As noted above go get a 30 to 20 amp trailer adapter. If the problem is there after you have the correct adapter the plug on your house is most likely wired wrong also.

richinny 03-22-2009 01:15 PM

while you're checking things you should also buy a volt meter. many newbies try to run their trailer from a cord that cannot carry the current over the distance they want. chances are that if you try to use the air conditioner (if so equippped) you will harm the trailer, your house, your cords or yourself, in the process.

luckily there are many threads that discuss this here at the forum. sit back and start reading the wealth of information here and make your new venture enjoyable!

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