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centennialman 02-21-2009 08:03 AM

The Darned Flap Broke Off!!
The flap broke off the connector on my truck where you plug the umbilical cord from the trailer in. It's the flap that has the spring on it and the little nub that helps hold the umbilical cord in place.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I sure would like to be able to, somehow, repair it without having to cut off the old connector and have to install a new one.

Help!! :sad:

purman 02-21-2009 08:07 AM

Steve, did the pins that hold it in brake off? What broke? your best bet maybe Wal Mart for a new one and take the parts off it you need to fix the one you have.

centennialman 02-21-2009 08:21 AM


I think the spring/pins are still there. What broke is the plastic part right by the hinge.:blush:

purman 02-21-2009 08:36 AM

Then, other than trying to glue it, which I bet i will brake again. is to get a new one for spare parts. They run around $15 I think, maybe cheaper. You will have to get a new one either way. if you can get the parts off it saves the time of re-wiring the whole thing.

hope you have a garage to work in it's cold over here on the western slope.

clancy_boy 02-21-2009 10:35 AM

Not that tough to do - just change it wire by wire from old unit to new. Walmart has a good one but if you want it to fit the existing hole then you may have to go to the dealer for a replacement. If it's in the bumper then that is what I would do - if it's just on a tab of metal screwed to the bumper or hitch then the one from Walmart is a cheaper option. First off - see if the wires are molded to the connector or are they easily removed with screws inside. Then open the other and transfer one wire at a time. I changed out a friends badly damaged one from salt water corrosion in about 30 minutes and a philips and standard screw driver.

centennialman 02-21-2009 02:33 PM

Thanks for the suggestions! All the wires are sealed over with some sort of rubberized material and I am not able to access them easily. I may opt for trying to fix just the flap part that broke off by buying a new one and seeing if I can get it to fit. I have a feeling this will be one of those simple projects that becomes a day long bizarre ezperience

Kevin245 02-21-2009 03:15 PM

Most 7-Blade, and 6-Pin connectors can be dis-assembled, and it may be possisble to use the old guts with a new housing, but you'll still likely be required to cut the wires to do this. If it's an OEM connector, you may be able to buy a new one from the dealer, and replace the flap, but most are riveted, or pinned which makes swapping things difficult. Some OEM pigtails are plug-ins that can be replaced without requiring any cuts.

The other option is to install a new after market receptacle. The ruberized material is usually 1" electrcal tape, or ruberized tape. Both of which are available at Lowe's, etc...The wires are also usually encased on a ribbed plastic wire sheath which is also available at Lowe's etc...

I just replaced mine when I added a new brake controller. It took less than an hour and cost $20.00. I just cut the wires at the end of the old receptacle plug, sliced through the tape/coating, then re-wired the new receptacle. Verified the connections with a circuit tester, then double taped everything using good quality materials.


Dan@LED4RV 02-21-2009 06:07 PM

never had any luck

Originally Posted by centennialman (Post 669303)
The flap broke off the connector on my truck where you plug the umbilical cord from the trailer in. :sad:

WE have never had any luck repair one of those.

Click here to see the repair part.

It is a pretty easy repair.


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