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tiniree 05-14-2003 02:20 PM

Looking forward to first trip out!
Hi Everyone -

Well our weather here in Colorado has been very....well "Coloradoan" lately. A blizzard last month and just this last Saturday morning we awoke to 6" of snow on the ground. By Sunday you wouldn't have known it had snowed except for all the downed trees, shrubs and branches everywhere! Luckily we didn't lose too many branches and no tree or shrubs!!!

Imagine, last week we were talking about going camping. Awful glad we didn't! The CG where we were going to go ended up with 12-16" of the white stuff!

Well, we went over to Fort Collins yesterday to "check out" a new CG called Heron Lake CG. They opened late last year and it looks quite nice. They have a huge pool (to be filled this weekend) and also a kiddie pool for the little ones. They have a lake where you can rent paddle boats and fish and also a stocked fishing pond for kids 12/under. We made reservations for Memorial weekend hoping the snow will not make a return until next year! Who knows here in Colorado.

This will be our first trip using the Airstream and we are very excited about it. We figured a nice CG close enough to home if something goes wrong, but far enough away to feel like we "got away". I am soooooo jealous of those of you who have either already been out this season (or those of you who can get out year-round).

I was a little surprise though to find out the AS has such small holding tanks? Oh, well! Looking forward to the season getting underway! I'll let everyone know how our "shakedown" trip goes.

uwe 05-14-2003 03:06 PM

Good Luck on your first trip!
We had our Tradewind out severa times this year, but every time the weather went berserk as well. Went to the beach locally in January, then to Pismo, then back to the local beach, but everytime it got chilly and we also got a few rainstorms for good measure.....well, now I know our trailer has no leaks. No snow, though, thank God.
The holding tanks are tiny by comparison to modern trailers, our black tank is good for 2-3 days, and the added on grey tank is good for about 1-2 days if we're concious about using water. We simply prefer hookup sites, or go to places wher we can drain the grey water in the ground under the trailer.
It is kind of nice to have the tanks for overnighting, or while travelling and going to rest stops.
Are you going to the Rally in New Mexico?

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