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Phantom 02-06-2009 07:01 AM

Foot bases for Zip Dee Carport set-up?
I have a Zip Dee awning on a 2007 19" Bambi. I hate stepping out the door and trying to take a left turn... running into the diagonal awning arms. Or 'clotheslining' myself in the neck as I try to walk in from the side.
Where can i get 'foot base plates' so I can swing the arms down into a 'carport' style set-up? I would need to detach the main awning arms from the trailer (replace the bolts with a quick-release 'pin' of some sort and swing them out into a vertical position. I would be willing to use support ropes if needed. Seems like it would be much easier to walk in, under, around and through. Has anyone else done this? Seems like many folks would be doing it...

azflycaster 02-06-2009 07:23 AM

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I saw this setup at the Balloon Fiesta last year. They bought an extra set of base hinges and attached them to plates. The plates were then "nailed" into the ground. They used quick release pins to secure the arms to the trailer or the plates.

However: We had a windy day and I noticed something wrong with the awning. The rafter claw (cast piece at the end of the rafter arm) had broken and that side of the awning had tried to roll back in.

This is the only picture I have and it does not show the base. The piece that broke is where the rafter arm attached to the awning roll. This picture was taken before the break.

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