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safari25-05 01-19-2009 12:10 PM

spider corrosion under the plastic coat..
I have a 05 safari, it has a few small areas of white corrosion that gets under the clear coat, ( how it gets under it I don't know ), usually happens near the edge of the panels or just above the wheelwell molding.
I have some aircraft anticorrosion that was sent to me by Airstream, I'm supposed to get this under the clearcoat and on to the corrosion is beyond me. This spider type corrosion tends to continue to spread out. To me, the only way to stop it, would be to remove the clearcoat somehow, to remove the corrosion under it, and then reclearcoat and rub out to blend it in. these late model airstreams have a flexable primer and medium silver paint under the plastic coat? Or am I to sit back and watch it spread like a cavity in my tooth? Has anyone else had this spider corrosion show up?
I also find this so called plastic coat a soft finish because if you wash the trailer with a soft bristle rv scrubber( handle and a brush) with sunlight shining on it you can see the bristle marks after you wash it, to remove the marks you have to use walminzer wax. So I no longer use a brush, except on the white roof, instead I use the micro fiber clothes. Because this plastic coat is soft it also scratches very easily. And... the dirt embeds in it, so it has to be waxed often to get the dirt out of it. So even airstream is not perfect... appreciate any feedback on the corrosion problem..

Tim A. 01-19-2009 12:16 PM

You can find probably more than you want to read on the thread:

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