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bmklawt 12-05-2008 01:38 PM

The other kind of bunk bed
I would like to build bunk beds for my Tradewind and can find loads of info here but only on the canvas bunk and the wood one that flips up and attaches to the ceiling when stored.
I am looking for info on the one that folds in half and down and makes a backrest for the bottom bunk. In my service manual it looks like its made out of angle with a 3/8" plywood base and hangs from straps as oppose to the cables.

In other threads Andy at Inland has said he has the ceiling brackets and hinges, I would like to find the wall bracket and other hardware to build two of these or can someone provide pictures and measurements so I could fabricate my own.

Your help in this is grealty appreciated.

Here is a page from the 1975 manual, I got it from this thread:

Here is the only picture or referance on this forum I could find for what I am looking for.
From this thread:

Two photos from

gloriavoxdei 12-18-2008 08:38 AM

Looking at the diagram I think it would be failrly easy to fabricate the bunks on your own. If I was doing it I'd use aluminum angle iron to save weight (can be a pain to weld though). If you can get the bunk hinges then you can probably find a hinge at your local home depot for the back wall. Personaly, I'd forego the ceiling straps and build two support feet, one for each outside corner. It would give you more strength in the bunk and if you made a way to attach it to the lower bunk you could probalby sleep an adult up there if you really wanted to. Neat setup, especialy for a family since AS isn't really good at family friendly floor plans.

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