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RDM16CCD 11-03-2008 10:53 PM

Recommended Maintenance for a New A/S that has been parked too long
I've been reading the excellent thread on greasing wheel bearings - this is a related thread so I don't hijack the other....

My 2005 16' CCD has been idle for several years - had a neck injury and lots of surgery and just wasn't able to take it out, nor willing to sell it! It has been parked in a fully enclosed garage since new, and not moved the last two seasons, and not much the season before that. I know that's not the best thing for it, but it's just where I've been the last few years.

What else should I do to get back on the road next spring?

Certainly I will do the bearing & brake maintenance as discussed.

Most likely will go ahead and replace the tires to reduce the risk of blowout (very low miles on them, but they will be going on 5 years)

What else should I do, to be in good shape for problem-free & safe towing next season?

Thanks in advance - tho' I haven't been Airstreaming much, I have never missed a day of checking in here!

ROBERTSUNRUS 11-04-2008 01:47 AM

:) Hi, RDM16CCD; You might consider a new battery too.

RDM16CCD 11-04-2008 02:05 AM

Yes excellent point - new batteries are definitely in order!


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