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Rubyslipper 04-28-2003 04:27 PM

Need some help
I have two leaks appearing around the front window.Need to know what the best caulk is for fixing the leaks.Hubby wants a gray color so it looks like the stuff already on the unit.

Also, and this is the biggy.The frig even though we are on electrical power wants to jump over to LP.I turn it off and wait for 5 min or so and flip it back on. Sometimes it goes back on to electric but more times than not it jumps back to gas.Any thoughts?

Tripp 04-28-2003 04:59 PM


Make sure to use vulkem sealant. Do not use silicone as it will not work. It will pull away from aluminum and glass in short order.

Just bought a second A/S and the PO had used about a gallon of silicone on the skylite windows and the front windows. When I pulled it off, you could see where it had pulled away and held dirt, water, etc right against the original seal--just what they were trying to prevent!

As for the refer, not sure but does it have an automatic switchover? Maybe the electric current to the fridge is being interrupted intermittently and causing the switchover?

Good Luck


femuse 04-28-2003 10:29 PM

It will take I believe at least 30 seconds of no power for the fridge to switch to gas. Long enough so you should notice it. A few seconds interupt won't do it. (the computer in the fridge panel wouln't react with a brief interuption of current).

InsideOut 04-29-2003 02:53 AM

Here is an earlier thread which discusses the recommended applications for both Vulkem & Parabond sealants.

You may also want to try a search using "Vulkem", "Parabond" &/or "caulking" as keywords...several pages of discussion will show up. Good luck!

Shari :)

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