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rvnpikes 10-09-2008 08:53 AM

63 Overlander 12V system
I'm working on a 63 Overlander and having trouble with the 12V wiring. The umbilical cord is spliced into the trailer wiring underneath at the front right. From this space lead a number of red wires. One is left turn/stop, one is right turn/stop, one is (I believe) tail and clearance lights, although I can't get any continuity through it. There is also a pair of wires (one black, one white) which I think leads to the brakes but haven't checked it yet.

What I'm having difficulty understanding is the remaining two wires, which are heavy gauge - one red, one green. There is continuity from the red wire here to the pair of red wires that terminate at the battery compartment on the left side of the trailer just behind the furnace compartment. There is also continuity between this wire and the trailer skin. I cannot find continuity between the heavy gauge green wire and anything.

Someone has worked on this stuff before, because in the splicing space up frong I found the remains of a circuit breaker which had once been connected between the orange wire and a blue one (which no longer seems to be there).

At first I thought that perhaps the trailer was originally wired for positive ground, but since I can't figure out how the green wire would come into the equation, I'm now inclined to think that the hot red wire has been adapted to ground somewhere, and the original ground is open somewhere.

I can't find any access to the wiring other than at the access panel underneath, and at the battery compartment. I've checked behind and under the gaucho and along the walls between these two locations.

Any ideas/suggestions would be very welcome!

overlander63 10-09-2008 09:20 AM

We had similar problems with our 63. The black wire should be "hot", with the white wire being ground, as in 12 volt charge line from the tow vehicle, and ground to the umbilical connector. The wires that go to the battery compartment should be for the 12 volt feed and brake feed. You may also have a dedicated ground wire to the battery, and a separate breaker under the galley cabinets as well as near the fridge.

Alumanutz 10-09-2008 10:53 AM

I just finished working on my 66 Safari yesterday.Look at my blog. 1966 Safari ( HUGO)
I have photos of what you are talking about. The circuit breaker in the front with the blue and orange is normally for an electric tongue jack. Good luck and keep posting!


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