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U.PenAir 10-06-2008 11:39 AM

Tire cover questions
I am wanting to make the snap on style of wheel covers for my 68 Tradewind. My question is do the covers require any weight at the bottom so that they don't flap in the wind? If so what is normally used by the pros, like Zip-Dee?

rickandsandi 10-06-2008 11:58 AM

Hi ya Jess- Why would you want to cover your wheels? If you are camping for more than a week it might make sense to keep the UV from frying your tires and the mud out of your brakes. But in reality two more things to lug around and set up and take down when camping. Just polish your wheels and keep the black clean. Wally never put covers on his wheels.

U.PenAir 10-06-2008 12:10 PM

Hi Rick,

I just replaced the tires that were on the unit when I bought it. The tread was great on them but the side walls were cracked so badly that they were dangerous. I'm just hoping to protect the new ones. We have to store the trailer in our driveway when not in use.

Steve & Susan 10-06-2008 12:20 PM

We use a set of the store bought ones that are snugged with a bungee cord.

I've always been conflicted (and still am) about this issue. I keep the tires on my truck and car for 80,000 miles or so and I never cover them. The tread wears out but I don't ever see any sign of UV breakdown and they are exposed to all sorts of weather. Additionally, covering the tires/wheels seems to allow for buildup of moisture behind that cover - I wonder how good that can be for the tires, not to mention the brakes.

bike 2 eat 10-06-2008 12:41 PM

We attened a seminar at the escapees rally. We were told at the seminar that tires need to be replaced every 7 years or every 5 years if you live in a very sunny place.
they said that if you cover your tires you can possibly add 2 years to the life of the tires.

airedale 10-06-2008 02:17 PM

I know I have only had my tires for a year and they are already showing signs of small cracks!

rickandsandi 10-06-2008 02:42 PM

We learned the hard way that yes, tires should be replaced every 4-5 years no matter what the tread wear is. I get very touchy with my tires and bearings. Always checking the lugs, tire temps when traveling. We got a ton of miles on our first set of tires, replaced one because I had to realign the axles, no cracking on any of the tires. On our way up to PEI for the Region 1 Rally we had a tire come completly apart. Pressure was exactly 50# and the temp never exceeded 105. Two days later another one went. Age does matter and I think putting a cover over them if do a lot of traveling just isn't going to make a difference. But just like everthing else we all have different thoughts and thats what makes the forum so good.

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