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winner 05-11-2002 07:27 PM

Appropriate re-christening
When we first met our l986/1987 Airstream 345, she was impressive (we sold at 270 to move up to the 345), so we out of hand deemed her to be "Big Momma", but since experiencing her grace and beutiful lines, Albeit she has a lot of problems which have to be addressed and fixed before we take her on the raod,
we believe she deserves a more astute name. Accordingly, we have decided to re-christen her "Silver Belle". We believe that when she is completely spruced up and made 100% operational, she will in fact be the "Belle of the Road".

igor 05-17-2002 06:00 AM

I have been thinking about putting the 'nose art' that was on my great uncle's B17 during WW2. He was a pilot in the European Theater. I was thinking that this would honor him as well as all the others who participated with him.

But, I do not want to do is insult anyone from the 'other' side. Would this be counterproductive? Not in the best traditions of airstreaming?

Les Brush
72 Trade Wind
82 K20 Suburban

ALANSD 05-17-2002 07:04 AM

I think that sounds great. I remember while travelling with a band in a Silver Eagle bus, and seeing the custom paint and designs on so many of those vehicles. There is a photo posted of an Airstream with all striping removed, and polished to the max, it is the variety and personalization that makes them more special to my way of thinking.

winner 05-17-2002 05:07 PM

Nose Art
Igor - I think that is a wonderful gesture, and I don't see how your actions would offend anyone. During WW II, I was assigned first to a Lockheed Lodestar Mapping squadron as a Belly Gunner on a Remote Sperry Belly Turret - Then I was assigned to the 301st Bomb Group, and Attached to the 72nd Bomb Squadron, 5th Group, 7th Air Force and flew support for the Battle of Midway as a Tail Gunner in a B-17E Fortress. I was the instigator of naming and painting "Uncle Biff" on the nose of our B17 (named after our Pilot A. F. Birleffi (Killed 17 Jul 42) We really put a lot of ourself into our crews, planes and mementoes. I feel that in naming our Airstream "Silver Belle" I am going back to that tradition of the ole US Army Air Corps.

igor 05-19-2002 06:00 PM

Thanks guys, I will go forward with the project. After all, those who flew B17's, 24's and all other combatants did nothing less than save the world. I do not think we have said 'thank you' enough times yet!

Les Brush

ViewRVs 05-31-2002 10:45 AM

My 345 was called 'Jellybean III' by a previous owner. We just call it the Airstream. To me, 'Jellybean III' is part of the caoch history. I have it documented but may or my not restore it on the spare tire cover. The 'Ford' dealer logo WILL be removed someday.

We were looking at buying a 'Casita' travel trailer which is Spanish for little house. When we ended up buying the 345, my office called the 345 the 'Casota' which means big house in Spanish. Now they just ask me if I have used the 'Casota' recently!

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