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Rennegarbe1 04-21-2003 03:28 PM

1976 Trade Wind leaking
I need some expert help.

Problem #1-When we purchased our '76 TradeWind the front door was bent from blowing open during travel. We got great advice from this forum and bent it back into place. The problem is that we still have a small leak at the very top of the door when it rains hard. We have just paid to have hardwood floors laid and need to get the leak under control soon. The door seal is fairly new, probabley within the last two years.

Problem #2- We just discovered another leak in the rear bathroom closet. The odd thing is that the first time it rained hard there was no dampness. Last night hard rain and the floor was wet. The water seems to be coming in from the outside and wicking across the floor.

Please help with suggestions on how to find the leak and how to fix the problem.:confused:

thenewkid64 04-21-2003 03:52 PM

Leaks can be tough!

On leak number 1, I would suggest spending some more time bending if you can see light, if not you may have a leak that just "seems" to be coming from the door. Check the over door light grommet, and be sure the screw that holds the cover on has some sealant where it penatrates the skin. Do not use silicone, as it will fail and be ugly in 6 months or less. Parr Bond or Vulcem is best. You als may want to chek the sealant at the top of the door. The foce that was applied on the "blow open" or the repair could have caused a minor leak.

On leak number 2. Is there a vent stack that exits the roof in the wall between the closet and the bathroom? The gasket under the silver cover can crack and leak, so you will need a new gasket and some screening as well as some more of the vulchem. This is a common spot for water intrusion.

Just remember the leak can be very far from the evidence.

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