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koebe 07-25-2008 08:11 PM

International 27FB or 28W?
I am shopping for either a 27FB or 28W, I have not owned an RV before and would like anyone's advice on these two units. Problem is I am in Canada and buying in the US, so I have only ever seen the 27FB. Also found a lower priced new 2007 27FB... Any advice on whether to buy it as compared to a 2008 that is considerably more expensive? Any comments on the panoramic window in the bedroom - nice an open? or too much light for sleeping?

Goin camping 07-25-2008 08:51 PM

Howdy Koebe,

I like the FB floor plan and front and rear pano's. Thats what we have.

Half the people that respond will agree with me and the other half...:lol:

Get the one you like.

If you can save loot by buying an 07. Do it. If anything changed it would be the interior color choices.

cosmotini 07-25-2008 08:57 PM

Hi Koebe,

Welcome to the forums.

This thread has a lot of information that may be helpful to you.

I'd strongly suggest going somewhere to look at the different models before committing to one or the other. A trip to a dealer would be a heck of a lot less expensive than buying the wrong trailer.

Good luck!

BTW: We're very happy with our 27' FB

wheel interested 07-25-2008 09:04 PM

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Several 28' owners have tolds me the 27' has more storage than they have. I tend to filter light so not having a bedroom wrap around window suits me, however when I do see the beds in the wraps I am awestruck at the brightness and views they afford particularly for star gazing.:) But I feel snug in my bedroom with only 3 windows to look out. Also glass is a super conductor of heat and cold. The twin configuration will give you more storage, inside and out and a large central walk area and increased day use.

There is a pantry in the 27 but the bathroom is smaller. There is more counter space in the 27 but the 28 has a separate dining and lounging areas. Notice the placement of windows and galley side differs.

Happy hunting!

Foiled Again 07-25-2008 09:12 PM

They are really both the same length - and both are nice layouts. I like an end dinette as upposed to the side dinette - you're over a wheel well with most side dinettes, so a "4 person dinette" is really two children and two adults.

Both couches can also be used as an additional bed. The one small downside with the FB is the TV location. Right Under a place where one person might sit. If you like to lay around watching TV the 28 layout might be better... but if you like to lay around watching TV, why buy a camper? I rarely turn mine on, except to check for bad weather or on a rainy day.

The fore and aft queen is much better than the side to side one in the 25 FB.

But you really should try to see them both live - I'd bet that Colonial Airstream will have both in stock. So go to Atlantic City for a weekend and make the short trek to Colonial!

Another choice you have to make is model (from least expensive to most):

Safari (flying cloud starting 2009, the economy model, has "mouse fur" interior)

Safari SE (bigger windows like the International and Classic, bare aluminum interior)

International CCD - very sleek modern, better laminates than the Safari's, bare aluminum interior)

International Ocean Breeze - Beachy, full awnings, bright, bare aluminum interior and milled formica accents (I like it but wouldn't want to fulltime in it)

Classic - real wood, very plush, vinyl interior. Over upholstered IMHO, curtains look like coffin lining.


wheel interested 07-25-2008 09:21 PM


...curtains look like coffin lining.
I do rest in peace. :lol: ...and only come out at night. :p

holmestk 07-25-2008 11:34 PM

We got the 28 and really like it (of course we do, nobody can talk you out of it when you commit that kind of dough). For us, with a 2.5 year old and twin infant girls, we needed the little extra space on the floor for a portable crib and the slightly larger space in the beds for all the kids later.

CanoeStream 07-26-2008 07:00 AM

FB = your living space and all the windows at the back of the campsite -- nice and natural! I've got pano windows in the front bedroom too. We pull the curtains shut at night. Some days they only get pulled back partway. I don't think we end up using the front pano window to full advantage. So I'm closer to wheel interested's usage there.

Could a pano at each end appeal to a prospective buyer if I ever sell? (not!) I guess it might to particular individuals.

SilverCottage 07-26-2008 07:46 AM

We looked at both the 27 and 28 since a dealer had them side by side and we could go back and forth many times before deciding on the 27FB.

We really like the dinette at the back so when you back into a great site with a stream behind, you can it enjoy it during meals. We always look for a site on an outside loop to ensure we get the best views.

The view of the truck's back end (out the bedroom front windows) does not really bother me since we are not in the bed that much. I also figure if someone was trying to break into the truck in the night I would hear it.

If all the incoming light bothers you in the morning (and there is a lot with pano windows front and back) buy yourself a $3 sleep mask at WM.

Have fun shopping and post some photos when you get it.

Bambi_Bandit 07-26-2008 10:19 AM

Hard choice...
I came from a 28W to a 27FB. Here's my list of of likes / dislikes:
  1. I liked the rear storage accessibility allot better on the 28 as compared to the 27FB, so that may be a factor for you to consider. Getting things in and out behind the propane tanks is a pain in the butt. If you have a large tow vehicle or pickup, this may not be as critical.
  2. I prefer the panoramic windows (both ends) on the 27FB better as well, as I can back in or pull forward and still get a view...
  3. I hated how the 28W door opened over one of the dinette windows. Blocks the view when you want to have the door open for view or ventilation, and if you forget that that window is open, you can bust it right off with the door if you are not careful...
  4. 27FB has the shower that give a bit more room to stand, as only part of it is over the wheel well. This more room than the 28W with the shower over the whole wheel well.
  5. I can make the 27FB dinette into a large daybed and watch TV quite comfortably. - more comfortable than the sofa config on the 28W.
Last but not least - I hated the rear bed of the 28W... If the stabilizers were not down and tight, the darn rear would squeak and bounce as you walked around or did any other "activity":brows: in the bedroom...With the 27FB, the front tongue takes the weight and with that combined with the stabilizers, there is no squeaking or bouncing when the trailer's -a- rockin'.....:lol:

wayner61 07-26-2008 10:25 AM

We looked at both the 28W and the 27FB. We eventually bought the 27FB because it felt roomier. I don't know for certain that there is more room in it, but it felt that way. As for the 2007 vs the 2008 model, I think the biggest difference is probably the television that is included if you get the AV package. When I was researching, I didn't see significant differences other than the interior color scheme, flooring and television. Keep in mind though that I was looking at the Safari line, not the internationals. As for the panoramic windows in the bedroom - We really like them because the extra light and openness. We don't have a problem sleeping, but if you are very light sensitive, you might. I don't really know if there is a big difference or not though... it really seems like the light leaking in around the mini-blinds on the side windows is more bothersome.

As others have said, take a look at both if you possibly can. Getting a floor plan you are happy with the first time is much better than the alternatives.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Regele1 07-27-2008 02:17 AM


Originally Posted by Bambi_Bandit (Post 595164)
Last but not least - I hated the rear bed of the 28W... If the stabilizers were not down and tight, the darn rear would squeak and bounce as you walked around or did any other "activity":brows: in the bedroom...With the 27FB, the front tongue takes the weight and with that combined with the stabilizers, there is no squeaking or bouncing when the trailer's -a- rockin'.....:lol:

I found this out the hard way!

Yostella1963 04-09-2013 03:10 AM

I'm in a similar dilema, can't decide between the 27fb and the 28w. I can't find anyone in Ohio that has the 28w in stock so I can walk around inside and get a feel for comfort, etc. I guess I could fly out to New Jersey to Colonial, but would love to drive a few hours instead. I'm frequently going to be traveling with three adults, and think that the separate lounge of the 28 affords more space on a rainy day for people to hang. Also, wondering too on the 27fb, since it will be my brother and a married couple traveling with me, if it's a little awkward in the 27fb with the sleeping config not being completely separate in the front.

Does anyone know if there's a way on this forum to find an owner of the 28w by state? Maybe someone closer than NJ would be willing to let me come by and take a look? The irony is that I'm just about an hour from the factory in Jackson Center. I called them and they can't tell me when they will have one on the line; also you can't walk around in the production ones they have, for multiple reasons.

Any ideas would be great.


daveswenson 04-09-2013 11:06 AM

Some good opinions.

VIDEO: Front vs. Rear Bedroom! on Vimeo

Jim Clark 04-09-2013 11:27 AM

Donna and I are rear bedroom types, we discussed the exact same issues the video brought up. Donna likes the dinette across from the cooking area that is her extra counter space. I really don't think you can go wrong with either one you just have to learn how to use each to your best advantage. Interior color may be more important to some than the floor plan.

dkottum 04-09-2013 12:04 PM

I don't think there's a nickel's worth of difference whether the bed is front or back. The difference here is the lounging area of each, and which you can be more comfortable in.

doug k

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