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J. Lee Turne 06-29-2008 02:41 AM

Any 1976 Argosy 26'ers with "hard rear spare tire covers" that anyone knows of?
I have never seen a picture of a 1976 Argosy 26'er with a "hard rear spare cover" much less seen one out on the road set up that way but mine is set up to put the spare on the back bumper and it has what I think is the original white vinyl tire cover already on the spare tire...but in the wardrobe (I am moving it back to the bumper and if there is anyone out there who has a "hard cover" for sale or knows of someone who does please give them my E-Mail as I think a hard cover like I have seen on some of the Argosy MH's would look real nice on mine...but is it in keeping with the original specs of my 1976 26'er? Anyone know off the top of their head? I guess I can phone Jackson Center but maybe one of you will know and save me the THX

overlander63 06-29-2008 06:30 AM

Are you working with a motor home, or trailer (Argosy 26 came both ways)? If you are working with a trailer, I would advise against putting the spare back there. If you are working with a motor home, many people have done this, and most of the somewhat newer Airstream motor homes had a fiberglass spare cover molded into the back over the bumper.
You should be able to buy a spare tire bracket from an RV dealer, if you can't find one that is specific to your coach, and generic fiberglass covers are available, some even have provisions for a small padlock to discourage "borrowing". You would just need to paint it in a color approximating your motor home.

J. Lee Turne 06-29-2008 04:11 PM

Thanks for the suggestion. I will look in that direction (and I was asking in reference to a 1976 Argosy 26' Motorhome I am restoring.) I have this "full on" retoration in the works and I not only want to re-mount the tire on the back bumper but I wanted to know if this was standard (or even an option) that was "stock" on the 1976 26'ers?

I am trying to put my MH back to where it looks "as if" it just rolled off the Airstream-Argosy" show room floor (however) even if the aft tire mount proves to not be a "standard option or stock" on 1976 26'ers I still like it and "think" I am going to do what you suggested (buy a fiber glass cover and have it painted along with the rest of the coach) because I simply like the look. Thanks. (I, by the way, already have the tire mount you mentioned. It came with the MH but it isn't presently installed on the back [it and the spare are in a wardrobe closet inside?] It also only came with a white vinyl cover not the hard cover that I have seen pictures of and which got me off on this thread.) A little deviation from stock "here or there" ought to be Thanks for the feedback.

bkahler 06-30-2008 07:27 AM

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J. Lee,

The hard fiberglass spare tire cover used on the Airstream motorhomes will not work on the Argosy motorhomes. On the airstream motoromes the rear of the coach is cut open using up space in the rear credenza. Its like a small pocket cut into the back of the coach that the tire slips into and then the cover fits over the opening. You would have to modify the back of your Argosy to make this work.

Our Argosy had a spare tire mount that plugged into the rear hitch receiver. I don't like it and plan on doing something different, just don't know what yet. I've see a lot of Argosy's and they all seem to be different in how the spare tire is mounted.

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Bottom line is I don't think you'll be happy with the trying to use a spare tire cover from a later Airstream motorhome.


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