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sierralu 05-26-2008 05:05 PM

Hi, everyone...... My husband is surfnturf and he just joined today; I thought I'd join, too, so I can learn everything I need to know as a partner in our 1962 Safari. The appliances and bathroom fixtures are pink, so I'm going to have fun scouring my collections for doo dads and accoutrements! Just wanted to say hi.... I'm looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. Once the rig is ready, we've got to find some rallies and get-togethers! Hope to see you on the road. By the way, we're switching from a 38' diesel pusher to a sweet little tin can that can ease on down the highway for pennies a day. Jan

davidz71 05-26-2008 05:12 PM

Pink flamingos should match your pink appliances just fine. Welcome to the forum.

TinShack 05-26-2008 05:35 PM

Welcome to the Forums, Jan! With a name like sierralu, I thought you were from the Sierra Nevada in California...but I see you are from Vermont...another beautiful place! Welcome to the forums, and I hope all your dreams about Airstreams come true. My wife's name is Jan too!:wally:

sierralu 05-27-2008 05:49 AM

Thank you for your warm welcome. DavidZ71 I love the idea of pink flamingos!!!!!!! We vacation in Maine every year, and I have had two flamingos outside our motorhome for years..... if Steve has the Airstream ready by August, we'll be heading over to the coast in true style, at last! And River Streamer, even though we're not from the Sierra Nevada, we love living in these Green Mountains of Vermont. Say hi to Jan for me.

Lumatic 05-27-2008 06:59 AM

Cool Handle, welcome

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