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blueiwahine 10-25-2008 09:42 AM

Am I an AS snob? Are you?!
I don't have an airstream yet!...but I don't think your an airstream snob....It's like everything...your attracted to what your interested in...I know I always get excited when I see an AS, as compared to SOB. Same thing happened when I got my Toyota FJ...wanted to socialize with others who had them....You like what you like and if that makes someone a be it. Hubby and I tend to have different interest than most people in our it's always nice to find someone who thinks on the same wave levels as we do. :)

B4WEDI 10-25-2008 03:50 PM

She got Gyped !

Originally Posted by jpeterman (Post 627873)
I think one reason for this type thinking is the rarity that you find the airstreams. My wife and I drove from my home town to Carolina beach NC (200 miles) and I bet her that we would see a Airstrem on the road. I lost 5 dollars.
Double or nothing on the way home lost me another fiver.
So it only makes you glade when you do see one.
Take care

Double or nuthin should have cost you a saw-buck !
You owe your wife another fin !

Pay up Sluggah !


pilgrim 10-25-2008 07:38 PM

We don't try to start conversations with our neighbors, other than the occasional "Hi." Only once this entire summer did we see another AS in the same campground - ONCE. We did go over and chat and they came by to visit with us. SOB inhabitants have never come by. Once during our trip through Virginia did the neighbors (SOB) finally come buy as we were preparing to leave (fifth day). We did see one AS pass us on the expressway south of D.C. when we were leaving Va. They waved as they passed. Otherwise, we've seen no AS with inhabitants all summer - 28 nights out and nearly 2,000 miles hauling over six states. It was a good 1st year and we can't wait for next year. It'll be a long winter.

Mikethefixit 10-25-2008 08:56 PM

If ya would just come to some of the local FORUMS rally's U would see some AS's. We had 11 or 12 in april in Michigan in August we had 18 In sept on Lake Erie we had 8 I think We also had friendly neighbors in sob's We had a nice time.With one exception A fellow in a $250k MH next to us would not even throw up his hand when we walked by. HE was the SNOB!

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