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Roamin Cat 04-10-2008 06:32 AM

Am I an AS snob? Are you?!
So, we picked up our AS and drove a little ways to a nice campground to spend the night and try everything out. We had had a shakedown night on Colonial's lot, which helped, but we were worried we would forget things like how to work the awnings, hooking and unhooking from the jack, etc., and wanted to practice.

We pulled in and the first thing we saw as another AS! We were SO psyched! Keep driving, looped around, and saw two SOBs in the two spots after us. Which means they were between us and the other AS.

Well, as we set up, we kept talking about how cool it would be to go on down the other AS and say hi, and wondering if they would mind, etc. They ended up beating us to it, and invited us over for a tour (!), desert and a movie by the fire! Very nice setup, nice people, good food. Fun :D

But, here is the thing. I noticed that I had no desire to run next door to the two SOBs and say hi. I actually walked by them several times going between the two AS. The two groups in the SOBs hung out together, I noticed, and neither came by to say hi to us either. We were all oriented away from the street, so it is not like they were sitting right there waving as we ignored them :)

So, even though in our past experience is with tenting or using KOA cabins we always kept to ourselves, for the most part, this was different. There were several other families camped out for the evening, and I only wanted to go meet (and see!) the AS and her people.

And I NEVER would have imagined getting excited about a rally or caravan with a bunch of random RVers, but I am psyched about these things when made up of other AS owners. I know you are all cool and interesting and that we have at least one thing in common!

So, AM I an AS snob?

Are you? :wally:

Do you care? :) Just wondering!

RIstream'n 04-10-2008 06:37 AM

I think we're becoming one.....and no we don't care!!! Sounds like a good thing!!!! Sounds like you have a great AS and TV. Enjoy

Silver Threads 04-10-2008 07:09 AM

I am an AS snob. I think it is because you see the SOB's everywhere you turn, but it is rare to see an AS. AS people seem to be more friendly. for the most part, imo. To me, most SOB owners are snobs. When we were in a campground last year that was packed, only one family even spoke to us. We could here people say, look at that old thing. That irritated me. I would like to see one of the white boxes after 30 or 40 yrs look as good or still be on the road after that long!

centennialman 04-10-2008 07:13 AM

I have only had someone thumb their nose at me once in a campground. Interestingly enough though, I noticed that they spent the entire weekend in their SOB watching TV, with the curtains pulled tightly across the windows while people kept knocking at my door to ask for a tour of the "old" trailer. Hmmmmm....who was the social one?:wally:

utee94 04-10-2008 07:14 AM

I'm an AS snob and I've never even owned one. :)

But, when we had our firstborn 6 months ago and I told my wife that I wanted to switch from tent camping to trailer camping, I never even considered an SOB. I've always been drawn to the classic lines of the AS, and it's the only one I want. Call that what you will... :innocent:

DEITZ645 04-10-2008 07:20 AM

Snobs In A Way
Well I consider our family as a little bit AS snobish, but with a good nature. Lots of times while out camping we get the usual "do they still make those" and most people are really interested in the AS name and the trialers, but the expense of the new ones get them down. Then we try to educate them that they could probably get a used model for the same price as their SOB that they could probably pass down to their children and grand children. I always carry a stack of AS catalogs / brochures and always offer one to our inquisitive visitors. Always trying to widen the circle:D.

Roamin Cat 04-10-2008 08:24 AM

Funny, if you heard me saying, "Look at that old thing", it would be preceded by a "Wow!" and followed by an exclamation mark! Vintage is SO cool! :wally:

Carl and Elaine, great idea of carrying extra brochures around. I'll have to ask Patrick to send me some with his card attached :)

thecatsandi 04-10-2008 08:47 AM


Originally Posted by Roamin' Cat

We pulled in and the first thing we saw as another AS! We were SO psyched! Keep driving, looped around, and saw two SOBs in the two spots after us. Which means they were between us and the other AS.

So, AM I an AS snob?

Are you? :wally:

Do you care? :) Just wondering!

I don't consider myself an AS snob. I always get excited when I see someone who shares the same interest as me.

ScottW 04-10-2008 09:38 AM

Snob?...well maybe. I would prefer the term 'elitist'. How's that?

Royce 04-10-2008 09:47 AM

I prefer aficionado, that way I can visit with anyone and have an opportunity to learn something. Unless of course the curmudgeon side comes out, then I like to just sit quietly, and cogitate , preferably stream side.:D

jcanavera 04-10-2008 10:45 AM

You really had a common connection with the other person, which is not being a snob. I used to own a Hi-Lo travel trailer. You don't see a lot of those around. I can tell you that the Hi-Lo owners, while not totally like us Airstream folks, do seek each other out when we are in the same camp ground. It's really the uniqueness of our trailers that give us that bond.

Now fast forward from the Hi-Lo to the SOB. For 3 years I had that, I never had a person come by, stop by or say anything about my vehicle.

So snobbish, not. Even in campgrounds today without other Airstreamer's, the Airstream usually is the ice breaker and its the rarity that someone doesn't say something to me when I'm backing in next to them.


Stefrobrts 04-10-2008 10:57 AM

We get an occasional comment from other campers on our 'cute' old trailer. I do try to say hello to our SOB neighbors when I see them out. I'm always curious to hear where folks are from and what they're doing in town (in case they know about something fun that I don't know about yet). A lot of times they are travelling grandparents visiting family in town. Seems to be a common theme anyway.

If there's an AS in camp I do try to say hello if I see them, but I'm a bit shy about going up and knocking on people's doors. I don't know why, I'm always happy if they come knock on our door and say hello!

Mel 04-10-2008 11:07 AM

I think one of the funnest things about camping in an Airstream is meeting other Airstreamers in the campground. One of the first things we do once we've set up camp is to either walk or bike the campground to see if there's anyone else. We've also had people seek us out, too, and have met some tremendously nice people. We've also given tours to SOB owners (may have converted one or two), and have seen some other really cool trailers. If you're friendly to your camping neighbors, your trip will be that much more enjoyable. :)

AirsDream 04-10-2008 11:09 AM

Hmmmm, well, I've had a lot of folks point at me and say, "Say, look at that old thing." ... but I've never taken it as much of a compliment !!!!!

eubank 04-10-2008 11:22 AM

I guess we're pretty snobby, too. Last time we expended anything more than a passing nod at another RVer at a campground, it was with a fellow Airstreamer. And we visited for quite a while!


brunoffrance 04-10-2008 11:34 AM

If Snob is the same word than in my french language , it comes from the Latin "sine nobilitas" and in other words, means: without when we use that word, it's pejorative;
I don't think that A/S owners are snob, they are only proud to be the owners of a legendary travel trailer, proud to belong to a community who love good and design caravan, proud to have gotten a piece of America in their hands and it's not pejorative at all;
I'm proud to represent you and Airstreams in France and I don't want to be a snob to people that look me; I just want to share my passion and not to stay closed in the A/S and it's alway a great pleasure to do that.

So what is the meaning of the abreviation SOB ?????


eubank 04-10-2008 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by brunoffrance
So what is the meaning of the abreviation SOB ?????

Depends on the context! In RVing and some automotive circles, it means "Some Other Brand." Otherwise, it means "Son of a B*tch."

jimmini 04-10-2008 12:55 PM

Sob,snob?i Hope Not.

Originally Posted by eubank
Depends on the context! In RVing and some automotive circles, it means "Some Other Brand." Otherwise, it means "Son of a B*tch."

:huh: I thought SOB was for SQUARE OLD BOX.
:sad: My squarestream has been called an SOB.
:blush: I have also been called a Airstream snob at one CG by a person that told me ALL Airstreamers are snobs.I hope in the end I proved him wrong.:flowers:

wheel interested 04-10-2008 01:09 PM

We don't often have the opportunity to camp with other Airstreamers so our experience has been the same as others from everthing to impromptu tours at a gas stop to "they still make those?" to "It looks great how old is it?"

We always offer a "come inside" to "can we see yours?" to every inquiry and it always leads us to the most rewarding conversations, invitations and new acquaintances to share the camping experience.

Can't say we are snobs we have spent plenty of time owning some other brands and they all have cool in them, if not from the show room than definitely from the occupants special flavor. Never had a bad experience so far. Eager to get on the road for more!!!!!!! If it is a fellow Airstreamer I ask if they are on the forums and if they subscribe to Airstream Life and hand them a copy and exchange e-mail addresses and leave them forum information.

mistral blue 04-10-2008 01:15 PM

Snob? No
Geek? Definitely

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