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JaceBeck 03-25-2003 03:47 PM

Carpet Cleaning Advice
I have two Persian area rugs in my '99 Safari 25C, one in front of the lounge and one runner down the center of the coach, on top of the factory carpet.

I have used a product from Home Depot under the rugs that are specially designed for area rugs on top of carpet to prevent the area rug from creeping all over and bunching up. The local Home Depot now carriers a different brand and style than my last set. They have no record of how to contact the prior manufacturer.

The problem is that these carpet "pads" have left a residue, kinda like post-it note stickum, that I can't easily get off with my normal, home steam cleaner.

Without destroying the carpet, has anyone ever dealt with this kind of issue and what is your advice to getting this stuff off the carpet? I'ts not a major issue, but it does attract dirt and looks like hell if the area rugs are not in place.

Would love to hear your carpet cleaning secrets. Thanks in advance.

overlander64 03-25-2003 05:18 PM

Carpet Cleaning Advice
Greetings Jace!

If the problem is a small area, rubbing it with a soft rubber pencil eraser will usually remove many kinds of adhesive from fabrics. It may take a trip to an office supply store to find a soft rubber eraser as the ones at the discount stores are often synthetic and can actually add to the adhesive's dirt attracting capability. If the area is large, a dry process carpet cleaner such as "Capture" might help to remove the adhesive.


Tripp 03-25-2003 08:31 PM

You might try goo gone or something similar. Not sure if you can get it in large containers to cover the area you refer to though.

You might also try my favorite cleaner-simple green. It works wonders. It comes in gallon size too! I would get a small bottle and spray it in a small area to see if its gonna work. If it does, put it in the steam cleaner! I used it in my Hoover with great results. I have 3 very bad dogs!;)

Good Luck


wb13798 03-26-2003 09:22 AM

try laquer thinner . but first try it in a out of the way place to see if the carpet reacts to it . that is what i have used with god success. lol

jcanavera 03-26-2003 10:25 AM

I talked to the head carpet cleaner from the home front. She said you will need some type of solvent to get this stuff out. Her advice was to go to a store that specializes in vaccum cleaners, cleaning supplies, commerical cleaning equipment etc. You might even bring in a sample of the backing material. They should be able to come up with something that will get the goo without harming the carpet.


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