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ngoodell 04-02-2008 04:48 AM

Hello from North Carolina
I just bought a 1985 27' Soveriegn. It has all original equipment. My wife has asked me to take out the fold down sofa in the living area and have it reupholstered. Any suggestions for the type fabric to use? She also wants me to remove the carpet and replace it with a hardwood floor or vinly tile. Any suggestions?

I plan to keep the trailer at my house when we have company as a spare bedroom and the rest of the time at a 50 acre piece of property with an 18 acre lake about 20 miles from my house out in the country. The topograhy is flat. The trailer has a GVWR of 6800 # and my 2005 Nissan Frontier with crew cab, 4wd, and 6 cyl is rated for a maximum of 6100 #. The trailer came with a wieght distribution hitch and I am installing an electric brake controller on my truck. I will be driving and pulling the trailer about once a month back and forth between my house and the property at about 50mph. Should I be concerned about the safety of the drive or the well being of my truck?

I am also eager to rent out on an informal basis spots to anyone who would like to stay on this property or store their trailer there from time to time. The property is located in Duplin county, NC about 7 miles outside of Wallace, NC. Now the property has drinking water but no septic or electricity. I will be adding electricity and septic this summer.

Any comments, questions, or inquires will be appreciated. Cheers, Nelson

moosetags 04-02-2008 07:38 AM

Welcome from the Florida Panhandle
Welcome to the Forums. We're glad to have you with us.

It sounds like your tailer is way too much for your tow vehicle. It is possibly doable for that short a distance, but I would not take a rig like that on the Interstate. It's going to be a really tough job for that little truck.


PS - post some pictures of your new "campground"

Foiled Again 04-02-2008 09:52 AM

RENT a truck
Your Nissan is almost certainly unibody - not a ladder frame truck. I'd worry most about:
  1. blowing the engine or transmission
  2. deforming the vehicle's rear end by overloading
  3. trying to STOP the trailer - your A/S is big enough to push the truck into a ditch, or into ongoing traffic.
You surely know someone who has a big honkin' truck (Chevy Silverado/Ford F-150, etc.) Pay them $50 - $100 to move your Airstream when you want it moved - or even rent a truck from Hertz-Penske. You'll be happier and safer. You might even find someone who will move it in return for using it now and then. Even paying a tow truck driver $1.50 per mile is a possibility. Think outside of the box.... but think SAFE!


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