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spanky1313 03-25-2008 11:56 AM

template for curved walls?

I gutted my 1974 31' sovereign all the way to the bathroom closets. (ignore the 78) I called a cabinet maker for a quote.... a very large quote. He mentioned that it would be easier for him to set the cabinets flush with the curved walls if I had some kind of template. Or maybe a track that was once flush with the wall to use as a reference.... However, I don't have a track that I want to give him.

My question is... Is there some kind of diagram that I can sketch out on graph paper or something? I'm guessing most airstreams in the 70's had the same wall structure, as far as height and curvature. any ideas?


jayray5 03-25-2008 12:09 PM

To find the radiis of the contour is not out of a good carpenter's grasp. Did you save a bulkhead? The body is uniform, the contour can be graphed with a plumb story pole with a level standoff from the plumb sidewall. Then finding the "arc" is done with evenly spaced measurements. Lay out the measurements on foamcore or even cardboard and cut the arc. Trial and error to get a good template before transfering to the finish filler piece. Boom Done!

CanoeStream 03-25-2008 12:20 PM

See and Does that give clear enough of a picture?

InsideOut 03-25-2008 12:46 PM

Through one restoration and in the midst of another, I have found the radius to vary from what appear to be curves that are the same - both vertically & horizontally. My conclusion is there is no "standard template" which is why it is so important to keep original pieces for templates during restoration projects. Each vintage Airstream has it's own unique quirks.

Shari :flowers:

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