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ALANSD 03-06-2008 04:13 AM

bed measurement help
what width is the full size bed in an average 25 0r 26 trailer with mid double bed?
I am looking at a 60s Overlander with a full size bed, is it 54 like a home bed or smaller? Thanks

azflycaster 03-06-2008 05:12 AM

The double in my 75 Trade Wind is 50" wide.

ALANSD 03-06-2008 06:43 AM

Thanks, does anyone know if that is larger than the one in a 66 model?
I guess a home queen bed is 60".

Silver Threads 03-06-2008 07:13 AM

Ours is the same in our 65 Tradewind, 50" wide

HiHoAgRV 03-06-2008 07:30 AM

Mrs. HiHo did some research and found that a 50" is called a 3/4 full. She found someplace that had the dimensions and made us a set of sheets. 100 times better than the old sloppy fitting full sized set.

ALANSD 03-06-2008 09:43 AM

Thank you that is probably just what my wife was wanting to know.

HiHoAgRV 03-06-2008 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by ALANSD
Thank you that is probably just what my wife was wanting to know.

The misses said her research indicated this was a standard size for daybeds when they were popular. I can't remember the details but it seems the sheets were sewn in one of the Carolinas and were delivered in about a week.

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