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Rickk48 03-17-2003 11:39 AM

Brake Controller Question
I have a Drawtite Activator II brake controller with red LED digital readout. Usually, without the trailer attached, all that I see in the readout when I apply the brakes is the decimal point. This morning I noticed it read "0.0" and if I apply the manual slide it runs up to "3.5" which is the usual setting for when the trailer is attached. My question is, do I have a problem? A short or something else to be concerned about?

Pick 03-17-2003 01:52 PM

Take a look at your electrical receptacle. During our Ohio winters, salt water migrates into the socket, and green crud begins to grow shorting everything out. Clean or replace the receptacle, and that may cure your problem.

Rod Pease 03-17-2003 02:19 PM

I have the same controller. Is the thumb wheel adjuster on the top of the unit rolled all the way back? I do this when I am backing up to keep the brakes from activating prematurely. When I do this I get the 0.0 reading. Other than that I've never seen 0.0 on the read out. I usually have mine set @ between 2.5 and 3.5 when I am towing.

Rickk48 03-17-2003 04:30 PM

Thnks, I'll check the electrical connections, kinda my first thought too.

The thumb wheel is adjusted correctly. The problem is that I am getting these registrations without the trailer hooked up, which has never happened before.

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