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Silvertwinkie 03-12-2003 12:09 PM

LP tank switchover
On my Bambi, it came with two tanks. There is a switch in between them that allows one to move from one tank to the other without having to remove and reattach hoses, etc.

My question is that an automatic process? For example, one tank goes empty, will the switch automatically flip to the other tank or is it a manual process?



Rickk48 03-12-2003 01:02 PM

Yes, it does auto switch to other tank. However, you should watch the green band in the clear plastic top. When you see a red line appear, the valve has switched over to the other tank. There is a lever pointing to the tank being used. When this red line appears, you flip the lever over to the other tank, disconnect the now empty tank and have it refilled. Repeat this process as the red line appears. The lever is simply a visual reminder of which tank is being used, it does not automatically switch over when the valve starts pulling from the full tank. Just remember, as soon as you see the red appear in the clear plastic top, it is time to change over. I kept thinking the red would completely fill the plastic top.....wrong.....went completely empty on both tanks.

Silvertwinkie 03-12-2003 03:31 PM


Thanks for the info. Just so I'm on the same page, when the red appears it has already switched to the other tank. The lever has moved to the full tank automatically too.

To change, I move the lever back to the empty, fill the tank, attach and then move the lever back to the tank that has been used a bit so I know I have one full one?

I am new to dual tanks. Last camper only had one tank. :)



dmac 03-12-2003 04:23 PM

Nope - when the red signal shows the valve has internally "switched" to the second tank. You then manually move the lever to point to the second tank. Then you remove the first (empty) tank, get it filled, and reinstall. You continue to run off the second tank until the red shows again... then repeat the procedure. Basically, you alternate tanks so you "never" run out.

Rickk48 03-12-2003 04:42 PM

Right On, dmac

The lever is simply a visual aid which you have to manually switch over so the arrow is now pointing at the tank the valve is pulling from.

jcanavera 03-12-2003 04:44 PM

The key in the process is doing an occasional inspection to take a look at the indicator. When my tank starts to get low, the red indicator begins to creep into view. I also watch the level of the liquid in the tank on humid mornings when the water heater and/or furnace is running. The moisture will condense around the liquid in the tank which becomes cool as its changing into its gas state.

Unless I'm going to be away from the trailer or I'm heading to bed (and I'm aware of the tank being low), I normally only run with one valve open. Yes it means that I have to go out and open the other tank when the gas runs out, but it jogs my memory to get that tank filled ASAP.


Silvertwinkie 03-12-2003 06:20 PM

Thanks guys... clear as a bell now! :)



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