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williamhenshall 04-30-2002 02:14 PM

Wondering what kind of glass to use for replacing all windows in 1958 Traveller
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Hi - wondering if anyone knows what kind of glass to fit in the windows of my 1958 Traveller?

All the frames are in terrific condition, but all windows were broken. I have ordered all the necessary beads and seals and am going to get the glass cut later tomorrow.

Also has anyone seen or fitted glass with a mirror film? We are making this airstream into a little portable bar....and are thinking about having all the windows super reflective mirrors!\

Pic enclosed is before we started any work on this :) We have now done the demo and are fitting a new floor this weekend


Will & Naomi Henshall

DanLyle 04-30-2002 04:04 PM

Saw this source:

Surprisingly, I have seen no Airstreams with mirror windows. It seems like such a natural, what with the polished aluminum look and all. I am going for the same look on my '60 Safari. All windows were not broken out, but were poorly replaced with crummy plexi-glass (or acrylic?). Good luck on bringing about a rolling wet-bar.
Stop by for a drink!:D (D)

williamhenshall 04-30-2002 05:41 PM

Thanks Dan...
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...for your reply :)

I have written to the company you mentioned asking for details...

We're on to the floor this weekend then the window glazing and a new roof vent, then we should be water tight...with a bit of luck

We are going to polish the inside and the outside of this little trailer and then make the inside a "portable party pod" <grin> - in my head I want it to be like an Austin Powers groovy pad, shag carpet, bean bags and a big 70s style hi fi system...

In reality, I expect it will be like a fitted booth in a very cool LA style bar with seats around the walls and a fitted oval table in the middle as you look in left from the door and a bar with a fridge and little bar sink and closet space on the right side overlooking the hitch tongue.

We have a wonderful 345LE coach and will tow this as the "doesnt matter if the kids get it too muddy" room..

Will Henshall

mustang 08-19-2007 08:15 PM

I have put the mirror tinting on my rear window because I have a rear bath, it has worked out well and I think it enhances the appearance

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