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Lothlorian 12-10-2007 05:15 PM

Reinforcement of Frame
I don't think I have rear seperation, but I do not want to have it happen either. I really feel this trailer sat most of its life. The water damage and rust from the toilet installed years ago is pretty localized towards the rear bumper. The rails and the support for the black water tank at the back are shot. My rails have rust on them and what I can see of my stringers is they look great. Since I have been tearing this trailers bathroom apart and getting ready to cut out the floor I want to know by looking at pictures where and what is being used to strengthen the frame so I do not have a future problem. I am afraid to jump on the bumper because I do not want to create a potential problem. When I take out the floor in the rear bathroom I want to look and check out the correct area where the trailer has the potential to come apart. Hopefully it is looking good, but I want to reinforce the frame anyway. The threads I have read talk about what to do and where but I am not sure if I have seen the types of metal or techniques being used in pictures. Some good pics of this type of repair or prevention would be great.

I have a friend who teaches welding coming over to check out my trailer when the Christmas break begins. I want to beef up the frame.

Foot note: you guys have been really good to me with such great advice. This is such a great forum. This is what I call the perfect learning community.

What size angle iron is used to build the new box for the black water tank? Check out my few posted pics

SIU Bound

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