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59as 10-27-2007 07:28 PM

Floor replacement 59 TW beyond the frame?

Heres the deal, I have a 59 Tradewind I have taken down to nothing. The top is sitting on the stripped and repaired frame very tenatively. I am in process of cutting new wood floor and cannot remember the pattern of the old. Does it go beyond the steel frame or does it just come up to it. I know where the outriggers are it obviously goes beyond but along the sides and possibly the back I can't remember. Wish I hadn't thrown the old out. It is about 7 ft plus about 3-4 inches across the cross beams. I think a blueprint would be helpful but can't find one. Can anyone help me???????????????

Thanks so much!


byamcaravanner 10-27-2007 07:42 PM

The width of the plywood on my '67 is 15 1/4" past the main fraim rails which are 58" apart. So, doing the math, that comes to 88 1/2" wide.

I can't say if the '59s are the same though.

markdoane 10-27-2007 09:10 PM


Mine is 88 inches. The plywood overhangs the outriggers equally by about 1/4" on each side. If you need the actual front to back dimensions I can dig them out tomorrow. I had the whole thing plotted on Autocad.

Is your Tradewind a California or a Ohio model?

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