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Santart 10-14-2007 10:54 PM

Repairing a delaminated MH wall from the inside Part Two
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The hard part was completed in "Repairing a delaminated MH wall from the inside Part One." This is the gravy. I used foamboard adhesive to fasten each of the two layers of insulation which were three quarters of an inch thick to equal the inch and a half. Then I made careful measurements for the inside wall which is one eighth inch white clad masonite with the white turned inward. It was a tight fit. Be certain to fit it dry first, then remove and apply panel adhesive. The bottom section goes down into the channel which must be thoroughly clean. The upper section needs to tuck about a half inch under the window frame. Both sections also need to fit the tee moldings used at the panel joints. Do not forget to add a piece of sheet metal so the front window curtain end can be pop riveted to the wall. Understand I had to do this in two pieces to avoid removing the window frame. I planned the joint at the same level as the wainscot molding on the door side so the joint could be concealed. The wallpaper came from the stock collection at Lowes. It is not a perfect match but close enough to not attract attention. Although there was no wainscot on the sofa side, I made a piece to match the door side. Minwax Early American matches the woodwork near perfectly. I finished it with a mix of Watco Danish Oil and Polyurethane varnish which was left to set about ten minutes, excess rubbed off and left to dry. The aluminum rail is just below the masonite joint and required pilot holes to accept the sheet rock screws. Keep in mind, the sofa will cover this wall unless it is made into a bed. Then that occurs at night when low light levels will not reveal the two different wallcoverings. I could redo the entire coach but chose not to go through all that trouble at this time. Perhaps another time when I do a total makeover. Finally the window valance and shade was reinstalled. The sofa goes in tomorrow and I'm off for a trip this weekend.

myfirstrv 10-15-2007 09:04 AM

looks great do you want to fix mine,
Ill buy the steaks !!!! :)

Santart 10-15-2007 06:27 PM

Let me think about it... Naw! Maybe next year. What kind of steaks? It might take three weeks.

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