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plossl 09-04-2007 01:20 PM

Interior skins won't budge
I need to replace a section of floor in the bathroom of my 74 Trade Wind and I have removed the center rear skin under the window, exposing the U channel and the bolts that go through the plywood. I am now attempting to remove the panels to the right, starting at the bottom, but I have drilled out all of the rivets and the panel won't move. I drilled out the rivets from the panel above it and neither will move. Am I wrong in thinking that I need to have access to the U channel all along where I want to replace the plywood? Why won't these panels come out? Are they larger than I think? (I'm guessing about a three inch overlap) Or longer? Any ideas?

InsideOut 09-04-2007 01:50 PM

Not sure of the layout of your bath but...
They may have Vulkem or some other sealer at the seams - especially if they are in the shower area. You may want to try running a putty knife between the seams to loosen them up. Also make sure the whole rivet is drilled out - including the stem which sometimes stays put after the head pops off. We just removed the entire lower skin in preparation for re-doing the floors, lots & lots of rivets! It only takes a couple to keep it from moving...also, any "walls" in the way?

Yes, you do need to access the U-channel in order to replace the plywood and reattach it properly. The panels should end at a rib - the flat ones go the entire length of the trailer though. We just removed a 12'x3' panel inside our's a long one! The overlap is only about 3/4-1" at the seams.

Shari :flowers:

plossl 09-04-2007 02:02 PM

I'm working on the shaped panels under the fiberglass end cap, and I think they end either at the wall of the wardrobe or a foot or so beyond it. You say they will end on a frame. I'll look for that, but I'm sure I've drilled out the rivets completely and I've slid a blade between the panels without much resistance. I'll try again tomorrow -- too hot to continue today.

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