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John 02-16-2003 06:46 PM

What did you pay for your A/S?
Since we can't tell/see how we polled, I thought this would be a great way to see what the avg A/S goes for.

Please feel free to openly discuss, as this will only help us all with future purchases.


Tinsel Loaf 02-16-2003 06:57 PM

2002 31' Classic New $ 45 Geeeze US. :confused:

j54mark 02-16-2003 07:37 PM

Of course, for those of us with vintage, or near vintage, units the purchase price must be understood as something in the nature of a down payment!


John 02-16-2003 08:09 PM


Good point! Maybe that would be a good poll for the future.

Poll: After purchasing your A/S, how much did you put into it to get it to your satisfaction?

John:D :D :D

InsideOut 02-16-2003 10:21 PM

Here's a "how much have you spent" poll, that floated around for awhile:

How much will you spend this year on restoration, maintenance & upgrades?

Shari :)

John 02-17-2003 04:22 AM


Thanks for the link! Some good infor already available.


bhsl8 02-17-2003 07:08 AM

cost AS/upgrades
I only paid $3900 for my trailer. I don't have a real good idea of how much more I'm willing to put into it. It's fun to see some of the things that the rest of you have done and allow my creativity to be stimulated. I have noticed that some of you spare no expense; and some of you take pride in doing things as economically as possible. When I initially brought the trailer home and found all the problems I had I was convinced that I had been hosed. In retrospect, perhaps it wasn't so bad. My son and I have had a good time with the repairs that we have done so far. And my wife is enjoying planning the decorating. Thanks again to all of you for your great ideas and you're sharing.

InsideOut 02-17-2003 10:12 AM

We paid $3500, however as j54mark stated, that was only the price of entry.

We have put about that much or more into our renovation/facelift so far. So when it comes to vintage, you either pay alot more up front for an already restored one or you start off with a small "investment" and have more "payments" along the way at your own pace...

All in all, if I had it to do over, I wouldn't change a thing! :D


john hd 02-17-2003 05:29 PM


i'd bet you would get the sewer cap next time!

john:D :eek: :D

InsideOut 02-17-2003 06:28 PM

Well, yeah...but I haven't given up yet! I refuse to ~

Shari :D

john hd 02-17-2003 06:32 PM


ever look into having a foundry cast a repro?

if you could borrow an original.


PeterH-350LE 02-17-2003 07:05 PM


Originally posted by InsideOut
Here's a "how much have you spent" poll, that floated around for awhile:

How much will you spend this year on restoration, maintenance & upgrades?

Shari :)

I guess your own labor gets booked under 'charitable contributions' ;)
If I put in an average of 5 hours/week for the last two years, times a low shop labor rate of $60.-/hr, the total would be 31,200.-

John 02-17-2003 07:08 PM


Speaking of charitable contributions, don't forget your rivets on the 8th:D !


PeterH-350LE 02-17-2003 07:24 PM

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John, thanx for reminding me. I wrote myself a note.

striker 02-17-2003 07:58 PM

feeling guilty
hi all sorry to say but i only paid $450.00 for my 1966 overlader that i bought in jan. of this year. there is not much wrong with it.
as far as cost of putting things into it i have only put $100.00 and about 8 hrs of labor.
my next step is to put a new furnice and air conditioner into it and clean up the outside skin . take a look on the members photo page if you whant to see my a/s

APB 02-17-2003 08:30 PM

Airstream initial cost
I just paid $5k for my '78 31' soverign.

I will need to replace the water tank if I can't weld it up, and the awning needs reseaming. I also had to update the propane tanks.

I have a replacement water tank, $112, which I bought at the same time.

Trailer came with new batteries, converter/charger and Reese cam lock hitch. The upholstry is pristine and original airstream as I belive is the carpet. I suspect the drapes are also original but they show some spots and wear. Outside is very straight and pretty clean.

Boy does this thing have a LOT of green in it. It also has the yellow (oh well ) formica in the galley.

So far so good.

pjtaia 02-17-2003 10:13 PM

I clicked the poll at 10,000 - 15,000, but the purchase price was $3,500. After a complete interior "refreshing" - floors, appliances, upholstery, shades, curtains, countertops - plus some miscellaneous repairs we had added about 9,000 more. Then dishes, linens, supplies, toys, etc. and we are pushing 14,000.

No do-it-yourself here. It's a lot of money for a 28 year old Airstream, but it's good as new and exactly what we want!

Steve McCarter 02-18-2003 08:48 AM

Bought our 25 footer back in 1993 from a friend. Took two years and $4500 to get him to part with it. We are still friends!

So far have only had to replace univolt, freshwaters tank, brakes, curtains, LP switch over valve, and carpet. All work spread out over the years and done by myself. Not bad for ten years. Oh yes it does need tires. ( any suggestions)


InsideOut 02-18-2003 11:28 AM

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striker ~

A friend of mine bought the '73 Sovereign below for $1. He has affectionately named it "Buck". We used it for the "hospitality suite" at the RMC VAC Rally last's in great shape and came with the ZipDee awning! :eek:


striker 02-18-2003 06:07 PM

that is great news i bet he is happy of the great buy that he made.
how did he pull that one off?:eek:

John 02-18-2003 06:12 PM

Quick claim?

What's the story behind this beautiful "Buck"???


InsideOut 02-18-2003 07:29 PM

From what I understand, he had his eye on it in a abandoned lot for a couple of years and kept asking the owner about buying it.

The "seller" finally realized he was never going "get around to cleaning it up & using it" so...he finally said he would sell it for $500. When he went to pick it up, the seller told him to just take it, because he obviously wanted it bad! So as a matter of principle (and I think for tax purposes) he paid one dollar and towed it off!

Choose an old adage:

1. The squeaky wheel gets the grease or
2. Being in the right place at the right time

Either would apply...


Tikihut 03-04-2003 09:48 PM

I paid $3000.00 for Argosy Minute and I will probably put at least another 2 grand it to it I need a new awning and give it a new paint job this spring or summer.

Sneakinup 03-05-2003 05:02 AM

$1500 for my 72 Overlander. :D

I'm completely modernizing the interior. It didn't really need it, but I plan to attemp some full timing in a few years, and wanted to do it the way I want. No rush. I'll be replacing Univolt, Hot water heater, eventually the furnace (in Florida for now). I guesstimate I will have about $5-6,000 in to it all totalled when I am done. That sure beats $50 grand for a brand new one!

72 27' Overlander
92 GMC Suburban

Silvertwinkie 03-05-2003 02:05 PM

So for those that spent less than $5k, you did save a bundle compared to new, but how much money did you spent getting the way you wanted it? You should also put an hourly rate on time and factor that in as well.

I think this way is a great way to go, don't get me wrong, it's just that I have seen so many older units out there from the 60's and 70's that needed so much work, buy the time I got everying done that I wanted, I calculated I'd have spent about $10k to $15k(not including my labor) on top of the $5k cost of the older unit. That put the total cost near $20k-$25k factoring a dollar value for labor. That would mean to me that I could have bought a brand new International for another $5k or less depending on how good my negotiating skills were. I had a sales guy down to about $30,500 for a new International at a show.

I think there is something to the older units, but honestly, outside of loving a particular model, is it really that less expensive in the long run?



Silvertwinkie 03-05-2003 02:14 PM

My bad, I missed Peter's post.

But now that I read it, you can see my point. Even if you cut in half your labor you are still into a fair chunk of change for a renovation.

The flip side is that if it's a hobby, there is no price tag you can place on a hobby if you can afford it. But even as sucked into a hobby as I get sometimes, reality still sinks in.

There are exceptions galore, so please don't think my thinking is "cookie cutter." I am sure there are many, many places this makes sense. But I think the love sometimes may cloud the better judgement on when to pass. Been guilty of that myself.



Sneakinup 03-05-2003 02:17 PM

I understand your point about the cost of labor, but my time working on the Airstream is "a labor of love." As Mastercard would say, "Priceless!"

Still, for less than $6000, I am going to have an almost brand new, customized trailer done just the way I want it. Not from the factory with finishes and fabrics I really don't care for. No offense to anyone that has a new A/S. It's just not me, which is why I am going this route... aside from not having that kind of money. :D

59toaster 03-05-2003 03:02 PM

My wife inherited our 59. It's in reasonable shape. I do have a floor repair to do and I fully expect to put at least $1200 in it in the next 60 day's. That will get it in travel shape, get the floor repaired and new tires, wheels and hopefully get the electrical right (just scored a 1000watt inverter for $100 :D ). Unfortunatly most of the LP gear is missing except the princess stove and the heater. Heater has a blower motor problem but I should be able to fix that relativly cheap.
That will get me campground ready but I know some of the camping we plan to do will be Boondocking so I have to get the rest of the LP stuff found. Smiley has a 2 way fridge I'm interested in but I don't have the time to go get it or a vehicle to drive out there that it would fit in right now so I have not made a comitment to buy with him.
We are still deciding what to do with the inside. Most of the original cabinets are there and other then some bumps and bangs not bad shape. They are servicable. We are missing enough parts or they are beat up enough that it would be very difficult to do a proper restore as I had first hoped. Stupid stuff like the walls painted with interrior house paint and smudges here and there on the trim from not taping them off and it's baby blue. Looks horrid. So I'm going to proably have to strip out the cabinets and then strip the walls back down to the metal to make it right. My overheads at the gally are aluminum housing and I have seriously thought about polishing it. I think polishing the whole interior would be too much but just those cabinets would be a neat contrast to the wood sliding doors in them. The vent for the Lp fridge is beat up as well and I have a race shop that I know the folks at that could easily make one out of aluminum. Then a nice formica on the counters with the aluminum banding would still look right with the old Princess stove. I have to redo the dinette as well.
There is one item in the whole camper that keeps stoping me from just pulling everthing out and tracing patterns and redoing it in a pickled oak is the life time warranty sticker on the inside of the wardrobe. It's still in near perfect shape and I hate to loose it.
I'm also missing the windows on either end. The front has a ugly window A/C hanging through it and the rear has a peice of lexan. I think I'll need the whole assemblies including the frame that is attached to the body. THose are going to be hard finds and proably cost me a good amount. The A/C stays till I can afford to put a roof unit on it. Those will proably be next years main projects. I understand I'm going to have to reinforce the roof to handle the weight of the A/C as well.

I'm still in the process of shoping and buying a proper tow rig also LOL.

InsideOut 03-05-2003 04:18 PM

Different strokes for different folks...
I think it is just a much a "love of old things with character" as much as anything least for me.

...the total cost near $20k-$25k factoring a dollar value for labor. That would mean to me that I could have bought a brand new International for another $5k or less....
Personally, I would not want a new trailer...I would much rather have an older one with character and history (warts and all) than have something brand new. I'm with Sneakinup when he/she says:

I am going to have an almost brand new, customized trailer done just the way I want it. Not from the factory with finishes and fabrics I really don't care for. No offense to anyone that has a new A/S. It's just not me, which is why I am going this route...aside from not having that kind of money.
Although, it wasn't a financial decision for me...I could have bought new if I wanted, but I chose vintage.

I dispise the disposable society we live in today. It costs more to fix things (cars, cameras, appliances, etc.) than to replace it...arrrgh! Maybe I was born in the wrong generation...

I don't shop at the "me to" label-conscious stores, the "big boxes" that try to tell me which color is "in style" this season only to be told it's "out of date" next, nor do I live in a suburban tract home. Not that there is anything wrong with any of these's just not for me! I would much rather create my own identity than have a new trailer right off the production line that looks just like "so & so's" across the way.

Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that Airstream still makes our beautiful american icons with basically the same design as when they first came out for folks who aren't into the extra effort of a restoration or aren't able to take it on for whatever reason. It keeps the dream alive for more people of all different walks of life to enjoy.

Just my 2-cents...


John 03-06-2003 07:16 AM

My needs require a late model(used) trailer, with a stand alone shower and enough room to add a comfortable chair. My current trailer fits my needs 100%.


Listen to this- I bought a 1973 Chevy C-10 for $2,500.00 and then stripped it to the frame and put about $13,000.00 worth of new components back into her. It took about nine months with the help of a great friend(from Friday night to Sunday night). Two people @ $50 per hr, you're looking at over $100K dollars. But we never looked at the money, we were having too much fun.

This truck didn't have a computer, no pollution control(except for the charcoal filter), dual batteries, dual fuel tanks, the bed was made into a camper and I could fix everything on it myself. Now that's truly "Priceless"!!!!


Silvertwinkie 03-06-2003 07:39 AM

I can see all what you all mean. I have a '64 Glasspar boat that I spent a summer restoring. It cost me about $1,500.00 to restore and a summer to get her back into shape, so believe me I know what you mean.

My point is that it cost $1,500.00 and a whole summer (more or less). To me the labor of love thing makes sense (but was still a consideration when I decided to pick up the boat). The price was right and I know that if I sold it, I could get that money back(not that it was a real issue). Point being, I didn't spend $6k-9k, but I could have and it would have been almost the same as buying a boat new and taking the depreciation.

What I guess what I am trying to relay, is that are the folks that spent over $5k ($5k-15k) better off than the folks that spent less than $5k? Of course there are circumstances where someone that paid less than $5k has a unique situation, and vise versa, but I am talking in general. Is there a point for some folks where they begin to think with the heart only and dive in with the best of intentions and find that although they got it their way, which is cool and all, but at a cost that is too close to a new or the same as taking the depreciation hit? I'm all for refurbishing too, but I can tell you from my '64 Glasspar situation, it didn't cost much because I was lucky and it being a boat made it more resistant to rust, oxidation, and things that make metal and such not designed for a wet environment to deteriorate at a signigicantly higher rate if not maintained properly (plus the boat has no head, fresh water, beds, heat, A/C, etc).

I never owned my own trailer before this one, so there wasn't much to throw away to get it. I looked at some legacey units and then priced out what some of the major components would cost to replace/ repair and took my time into consideration. My findings were that I would have had to spend more than I felt the unit(s) were worth that were below $5k in cost in most cases, but that was just my opinion. In this regard you may be preaching to the choir, I have a 1980 Delta 88 that I inherited and I keep a bottle of O+ plasma, morhpine and a scalpel ready at all times, although not as much since she went into retirement "up north." Working in technology, this is also my biggest peave that after 3 years the units are doorstops. Maybe you can hold them for 4 years, but after that, to the junkyard/recycler they go and another $400k for new workstations, servers and even more if you "upgrade" software.

It's the Gillette syndrome. Notice how mops are doing the same thing lately too? I guess it really just depends on the end user's passion, taste and wallet size!




John 03-06-2003 08:11 AM


Background infor on my 73 C-10:

I wanted a truck that was pre-emission controls, one that I could fix anything on(no computers) and had a good body.

Since I was working and had the money and I planning on taking a 2 yr sabbatical, I wanted a new 1973 Chevy C-10 to explore US, Canada & Alaska.

I was rebuilding something to meet my needs. It didn't have anything to do with cost or cost overuns or emoitions. It was to learn and know this truck inside and out. To be self-reliant!!


Silvertwinkie 03-06-2003 08:51 AM

The '73 C-10 Chevy is a hell of a machine too. They look cool too!


59toaster 03-06-2003 09:14 AM


Originally posted by John

Background infor on my 73 C-10:

I wanted a truck that was pre-emission controls, one that I could fix anything on(no computers) and had a good body.

Since I was working and had the money and I planning on taking a 2 yr sabbatical, I wanted a new 1973 Chevy C-10 to explore US, Canada & Alaska.

I was rebuilding something to meet my needs. It didn't have anything to do with cost or cost overuns or emoitions. It was to learn and know this truck inside and out. To be self-reliant!!


Well I'm not new to putting Chevy's and GMC's together. I do ALL my own repairs down to rebuilding transmissions. My toy 75 GMC Jimmy I bought for $1....yes ONE US DOLLAR. That Dollar didn't include floors LOL. Took me a year to put it together and this was not a restoration it was to build a offroad vehicle. I have no issue with driving over 3ft boulders. Here is a write up I did on a soft top I moderate that site. 10,000 plus users and 3 million+ hits a month. Its just about the most active Chevy truck board on the net. :D
My Daily driver is a 89 Supra I bought with a blown engine and put it back together.
Fuel injection doesn't scare me in the least. Once you figure out how to relate it to a Carberator and figure how to relate it's failure and get savy with a VOM it's not really difficult to fix. THe GM FI used pre OBDII is pretty simple. It only has 3 major points of failure, Fuel pump, Bad signal from distributor and wiring. The spare parts you need is Butt connectors, spare fuel pump and a ignition modual. With those parts you can handle 90% of failures with them and at the very least get it into limp mode.
The big gains is fuel economy. My wifes 79 Blazer is a strong runner. It's tuned as good as I can possibly get it and the best I have ever managed out of it is 12mpg (3.73 gears kind of winds it out). I know people with 88 Suburbans that get 18 because of the Fuel injection and Over drive. This is going to have to be my daily driver and I have a 44 mile round trip that is thankfully againts traffic so I zip right along. My goal is a 89-91 3/4 ton, 350 engine 2wd burb. That will get me the FI, I think the 90 and 91 got the 4l80 HD OD tranny (the replacement for the TH400) the bigger rear axle and it should have at least a 3.73 gear. Should be a good puller. Also Barn doors are high on the priority. I am to the point I hate the tailgate on my wifes 79.
The last and a biggie with me is pre airbag. My wife is a tiny lady and she's in the group where the Air bag is likly to cause her major injuries or kill her because of her seating possition.
90 and 91 were also the only year that got power mirrors in that body style. Another Big plus but I need to check the laws and I may be required to use towing mirrors.
I wish I had not sold my 70 Suburban project. I was going to drop a 350 Vortec in it with a 4l60 OD tranny. That would have made a great vintage puller. It even had a 4.10 gear already.

Silvertwinkie 03-06-2003 09:58 AM

Pretty impressive!!

My dad special ordered an '85 Suburban. The thing was 3/4 ton and was a total beast.


It had all the heavy duty trailer gear, it had a 454, it had factory dual exhaust and man could that SOB pull. He only got 2wd without limited slip which was a total pain, but man on the road with 3 or more tons behind, it was like butter!
It had a four barrel on it that needed a "keep babys away, will ingest and combust!" sticker on it. The 40 gallon tank hurt to fill and fill regularly we did!

The truck was built right around the time GM was going through a bunch of crap with the EPA about adding converters to it, etc. In the end, it had minimal pollution control devices and we waited an extra 6 weeks while GM wrangled with the EPA. It was kind of neat to see a fuel gague in the mid 80's no less that did not say "Unleaded Fuel Only."

The problem with the around 85 454 is that from what I understand they could not get the fuel into the engine fast enough, so no fuel injection came until later, but by that time so had most of the emission contol devices too and I think OBD1 (you'll have to correct me if I'm wrong on that).

He donated the car about 5 years ago. The engine and trans were still ROCK solid with no leaks or burning fluids at 139,000! The guy that came to pick it up said that he was going to buy it from the .org that it was donated to and take the 454 and place it in an older Vette or something. I hated to see it go, but there was almost no body to speak of being here in the rust belt. :)

For me I have my '80 Olds I keep for the same reasons. I like what the PCM can do, but also hate what it has to do too. My '80 Delta 88 has a 307 and the only computer in it, is in the radio. True it does have a catalytic converter and air injection, PCV and EGR (more or less), but that is about it.

I love dumb cars.



59toaster 03-06-2003 10:50 AM

Did you know you COULD NOT get the 454 in a 4wd Burb. They never made a 1 ton burb. The 3/4 ton front 4wd axle is I dentical to a 1/2 ton 4wd except for the 8lug hubs and a larger rotor. The reason is the motor was to much for the front axle. It would snap u-joints and axle shapfts like twigs. HUGE torque out of that motor. You could get a 1 ton truck with the 454 but thos came with the Dana 60 front axle that is double the strength.

Yeah the MPG is why I'm not looking for the 454. It would make towing a breeze till it came feeding time.
The emmisions BS really had GM in a mess in the mid 80's They had these wierd modified carburators with mixture control solonoids that were problematic. The cars had a CCC (Computer Controled Carb). It was a modified quarajet but it had a throttle possition sensor, O2 sensor, MAP sensor and a computer monitoring the fuel mix. VERY problematic. Those were never installed on trucks as far as I can tell.
GM started FI on the trucks in 87. It is honestly set up like a aftermarket system. It uses a seperate harness, plugs into the fuse box like an accessory. I'm in the process of buying a used GM FI for my 75. Other then the intake it's a very simple install.
The rust is another reason why I want 88 up. GM's rust prevention was pitiful before then. Internal cavities like the rockers were bare metal. In 88 they started dip Galvanizing so they quit rusing from the inside out. It also created a paint problem. That's whay all those late 80's early 90's GM products had the paint coming off them in sheets.
I have a 91 that I want to go look at. Spec wise it reads identical to what I'm looking for. Only thing not in the ad is if it has barn doors. The rest of the options sound like it's pretty loaded so it should have the power mirrors. It has the paint problem. Asking price is $4k. If I can get my car or my wifes 79 sold quick and it's exactly as the ad reads I'll buy it. Sounds like it was used for pulling a camper so I might even luck out and it have a decent brake controler and hitch. :)

InsideOut 03-06-2003 10:57 AM


What I guess what I am trying to relay, is that are the folks that spent over $5k ($5k-15k) better off than the folks that spent less than $5k?
We only spent $3500 for the price of entry. We have put about $5000 in our restoration and all the "goodies" I have bought in the last as I see it, although the financial angle wasn't a concern, I'm still ahead! Even if I had bought new, I probably would have put about $2000 to make it "home sweet home".

Click the "photos" or "www" link below for some photos of our progress...

Shari :)

Silvertwinkie 03-06-2003 12:01 PM

Nice unit! Miss Lily looks happy too. ;)

Regarding the 4x4 w/ 454, I do kind of remember my dad wanting 4x4, but remember that there was an issue. That sounds about right.

He since got a 2000 Silverado and that is a fantastic machine as well. Still I miss the old Burban. Like John's '73, it had some personality to it. Call me weird. Can't explain it.



Photobitstream 03-12-2003 05:24 PM

I picked up a mechanically decent 1965 Overlander in late January for $2,000. The a/c blows cold, the holding tank plumbing works fine (unlike our 2000 SOB for which we paid $17k+), the floor is solid, and the oven looks like it may have been used once or twice. The wood is in good shape.

Now to the bad parts:
Rust damage under the holding tank drain, the previus owner replaced the water heater with a 20 gallon electric water heater and butchered the skin to get it in place, the original fridge is long gone and replaced with a 4 cu. ft. electric only fridge, the front lounge is missing and replaced with a rear seat from a Dodge Caravan.

I dropped off the trailer at Birchwood Beauties in Vacaville, CA, a couple of weeks ago. Scott Lockwood is going to fix the rust damage, build an L-shaped computer desk into the front, add a telephone jack and coax cable for satellite TV, and (if budget allows) remodel the street side of the kitchen to install a larger electric/propane fridge and replace with oven with a built-in microwave and additional storage. The last step will be installing wood laminate flooring.

That'll do it for this year. Next winter, budget allowing, I'll have Birchwood Beauties install a solar electric system and fix some of the damaged skin, including replacing the household water heater with a proper propane heater.

I'm not sure I want the outside too pretty, though. I keep a lot of computer and camera equipment in the trailer and people are less likely to break into an ugly trailer than a pristine, newly restored trailer.

I figure I'll have $12k-$14k invested in the trailer by the time it is finished to my specs. That will get me a completely self-contained mobile office/living quarters for less than half the price of a new 25-foot Safari. with the money saved my wife and I can buy a used 30-32 foot airstream to replace the SOB.

Roze 06-15-2003 11:46 PM

need one more price category
Believe it or not you need to add one more category: "under $1000" I have been fortunate enough to find one at this price although after adding tires and license it went over that amount. Thanks!

sarogama 06-24-2003 09:55 AM

We paid about 9,000 for our 1977 Excella 31 foot last summer, but have spent at least another 5,000 on minor repairs and refurbishments in the past year.

hotLAVA 06-24-2003 10:42 AM

I am so fascinated by this thread! It's amazing how the different answers to, "how much did you pay for your AS?" can tell so much about each owner's personality. It's also interesting how we all have different definitions of the word "value." We all love our campers and get enjoyment out of them one way or another; time spent traveling, restoring, online talking about them. So here's my answer and all of it's revelations about us:

We bought our vintage little beauty recently. We thought she was a steal at $1900.00. Our time capsule could use some updating. But everything works no matter how orange, flowered and plaid it may be. Besides, for now we kinda like her vintage charm. And we use her! No sense sinking the college funds into cosmetics only to worry the kids are going to spill ketchup (or is it catsup?) on our new upholstery. Ron's boss gave him some left over pergo flooring......that covered our floor and it was free! I bought some old curtains at a thrift store for $6.00 and I'm altering them to fit perfectly - just like new - and they coordinate with the vintage surroundings. We're going to tackle the $$$projects as they arise, mostly in order of necessity. But for the time being, everything functions.

So our total investment has been $1,906.00. I feel like we have already gotten our money's worth on the 3 camping trips we have taken. And I hope to spend all of our extra time and money on our adventures. Some day our children will remember long hot days at the beach, cookouts, smores, cross country trips and all of us enjoying these things as a family. Makes me feel like I should start shelling out cash - seems we kinda owe the camper, doesn't it?


InsideOut 07-26-2003 11:41 PM


Believe it or not you need to add one more category: "under $1000"
It's there... $1.00 to $5000 and it has the most votes!

Shari :)

InsideOut 08-05-2003 02:55 PM

Maxwells' twin...
I'm loving this!

Shari :D

Update 8/7/03: Max's twin ended up closing on ebay for $10,675 ~ :D :D :D

overlander63 08-14-2003 05:25 PM

We paid $700.00 for our '72 Argosy. It looked absolutely horrible, and I was mentally measuring myself for a straightjacket on the way home with it. A couple of hours with a bucket of soapy water and a brush, and some carpet and touch-up paint, and it looks much more civilized. Only major thing it needs is an axle, I hope to rectify that this week.
We spoil our trailer, it has its own 25 acre farm, it lives there by itself, in a small barn. We go to visit it every week.
(in Florida):cool:

rochsmama 10-07-2003 04:21 PM

Well, the factory 8 track player in my baby looks brand new and works like a charm! Top that one!

overlander63 10-08-2003 04:50 PM

Well, the factory 8 track player in my baby looks brand new and works like a charm! Top that one!

When we bought our '72, it still had the original tires on it...and they still held air, and decent tread, but towing it anywhere exept home with them was flirting with disaster, and they have been replaced.

darin 12-30-2003 03:51 PM

I paid $2000.00 for my 1969 Sovereign 31', price included delivery to my yard. Even though I might spend upwards of $5,000.00 more luxuriating, this is a preferable investment to purchasing something new and tacky. Almost all trailers I have seen in the under 30G range I could afford are filled with plastic, and RV'esque upholesteries and accents. Where as mine when done will have enormous character of quality. I intend to upholster in leather and refinish all the natural wood interior with a gorgeous cherry stain and matching wood floors. I will spend countless hours working on this project, but I count that time as entertainment not expense. After all the only reason I bought this thing was because it looked like a fun and fulfilling project. I wasn't even in the market for a trailer or RV or any sort, just always loved the silver bullet look of the classic airstream. I am hoping to have it fixed up so nice with surround sound entertainment and LCD screen I might just sell my house and become a fulltimer myself. Keep ya' posted.


Roze 12-31-2003 02:31 PM

How FUN!!!
I really enjoy reading all the feedback from folks about their Airstreams. We bought an Avion in October for $1900. Not sure it was worth that much but man ya can't beat the 'coolness factor' of these babies.

My first AS cost $1350 but had been converted into a rolling darkroom. And for that price it came WITH all the coolest darkroom gear...2 Beseler 23CIIXL's, cutting board, safelights galore. The only things that needed work were new tires (standard it seems) and had to upgrade the wiring. Kept getting zapped even with aluminum!

2nd AS was gutted, cost $850 plus another $350 for 4 new tires and about another $150 in tag, title and misc. stuff. Just donated that one to Habitat for Humanity. They'll have a groovin hang out for those awesome volunteers. Just too much work for me after having a baby :)

So onward and upward! Having soooo much fun on this forum. Happy New Year to all and GOD BLESS !!!

RVNUTTY 02-27-2004 06:09 PM

I bought my airstream today. ($3000) A friend of mine finally sold me his...I had been after him for years to sell it to me. He wanted more but I couldn't swing it. He was going to put it on eBay but then decided it wasn't worth the hassle. I have been following the sales on eBay for Airstreams and trailers in general, so yes, I got a really good deal. This one would have brought over $5 grand easily. It is all original, and in good condition.

I have a 1973 VW camper, which I am sadly going to sell, so I can buy something to pull my airstream with. I've been reading about RV's, and going to RV shows for 10 years. I bought every RV How-To, RV Maintenance & Repair, and RV cookbook out there. What a collection! (Hence, RVNUTTY) Once I applied to sell RV's at Wheeler's in Las Vegas. The guy asked me what my credentials were, and I showed him my bag of books. Needless to say, I didn't get the job...he said I was too honest.

Never could afford a new one, but I enjoyed looking and I have a scrapbook full of pictures, and another box full of sales brochures. (Is there a spell check on here somewhere?) I should probably sell each one on eBay since they are collector's items by now. LOL

Anyway, back to my airstream. Tires are bad. Paid someone $50 to tow it five miles to my yard. One tire was flat upon arrival. The guy yelled at me cause I didn't know how to unhook it (electric hitch). I told him that's what I was paying him for! Anyway, between the two of us, we got it unhooked. (It took me half-an-hour just to find the plug in the rear. Everything is hidden so well!)

I'm treating another friend to dinner for checking out the heater/refrigerator/plumbing etc. The original owner said everything worked 10 years ago. Well, we know the electric hitch still works! LOL

TricoastalJoey 04-04-2004 06:30 PM

How Much Did I Pay for my AIRSTREAM
I traded a restored LincolnMarkIV,71Caddy Limo (kept the 75Imperial for tow vehicle)for my first ARGOSY 26' trailer. I was moving south after a year working on a farm and wanted to retire for a year or two and enjoy the Florida coast.By the way, my dog picked it out and still thinks it's hers.

Gary Prideaux 04-12-2004 12:34 PM

I bought my '97 Excella 34'er from a dealer for $25K. It had been on the lot for a while and didn't show very well. We just waited for the price to drop and then we low-balled an offer. We are very happy with our A/S. :)

59TW0132 04-12-2004 04:17 PM

Bought my 1959 Tradewind from a fellow in Arkansas. Paid $3,000 for the trailer but then spent $1,700 right away to get it towed to Arizona. Found it with help from my friend and fellow fly fisherman Brad from Phoenix. First thing I needed to do was get it ready for our move to Texas. (Just recently retired so now I will be able to devote some serious time to fix-up.) Mine was not a candidate for restoration. Too badly roughed up. Galley was a replacement and the entire front booth area had been cleared out. Tub was gone and the refrig was a 110 unit that had been force fit to the space with a hatchet and some wood filler. Had carpet glued to floor and half way up walls in front and also double bed area. We are still evaluating the direction for our fix-up but I am sure it will not be to original spec nor will it be cheap.

wrepete 04-27-2004 06:16 PM

Our 26' AS Overlander cost $8000 brand new in 1967, and our local bank made its first RV loan [3 year term] ever with us. The model we bought in '96 cost 5 times more than the first one, and we could have had a 30 year term if we wanted. The first purchase was the most adventurous and daunting, but worth more than the money!

Cstar 06-27-2004 06:18 AM

2002 22' International, purchased June, 04 - $24,500.


flyfshr 06-27-2004 08:19 AM

Ha, I'm the friend and fellow flyfisherman of 59TW0132. Paid $3500 for mine in Sept. of 2001 and easily have more than that in its refurbishment. I find it therapeutic and relaxing to work on it and enjoy using it even more.


trumpetlips 07-09-2004 08:10 PM

I am a rookie airstream owner. I just purchased a 1971 29' Abassador for $5,250.00. It is in pretty good condition. It has a couple of dents and the tires need to be replaced. It needs some work in the interior and I am planning on replacing the carpeting with wood flooring. I really have no idea what I am doing but I figure this is all part of the fun. I am very happy to have stumbled on to this site. I have always wanted to own an airstream since I was a kid. I cannot wait to take it out on the road once I fix it up and figure out what I am doing. It is all very exciting.

sovereignrwe 07-25-2004 01:55 PM

anyone (besides us) get a tour of the seller's home, take steak and potato salad for lunch and lounge by their pool for hours on the purchase day?We got lucky and met great sellers!

eaglerab 07-25-2004 05:04 PM

22 yrs old, approaching 5th year in college out of 6 1/2? or so
loans out the wazoo
upwards of 10G spent on rent already
competing with 60,000 other college students for jobs in a city of 150,000

ah the college life
as rent casually increases and I do good to have roomates that arent trying to steal my stuff, screw me out of money or even kill me- yes i had one nut who got off his happy pill meds try to kill me, I was looking for a better solution for housing
I decided that a camper was the way to go
it would be mine so when i did spend money on it, it would be more like an investment rather than tossing money away making some big real estate company or some big investor rich off of me living in a slum
I was in a bind of a lease that i couldnt get out of and couldnt keep a decent roomate- needless to say i'd had enough of renting and messing with roomates.
started looking around and saw how clearly SOBs could not hold their own
not to mention 3 or 4 sitting out in the woods that people have given to my step dad which we robbed all the parts we could off of (generator, misc appliances, but mostly scrap iron)
started looking on ebay
liked the prices on airstreams to be restored
have known a couple of people who owned airstreams in the past and who swear by them
so I took a chance on a '69 Overlander and it turned out to be the best thing I've done in a while
for $2100, it had no upholstery, bare plywood floor, severe rust under holding tank, no fresh tank, missing twin bed, missing bathroom cabinet doors, rotten around toilet, missing front couch, faded falling apart curtains, and for icing on the cake a stink worth several gallons of bleach.
all present appliances work except roof air- which i promptly fixed because that is one of the four things i require to live in a place (bed, toilet, shower, and ac)
after some bleach, febreze, shop vac, comet, scrubbing, shop vac, bleach, scrubbing, bleach, scrubbing, cut out rotten plywood, brace in new piece of treated plywood, bleach, comet , scrubbing, pull twin bed out bleach, comet scrub all surrounding and under, pull out carpet that was under bed, bleach, scrub, shop vac, then... wood putty bad spots, sand, more wood putty here and there, sand, lay down some stick on linoleum squares.
that is to date
I'm currently able to stay in there and save money :D
still have a long way to go, most of it consists of me waiting to see what I'm going to need and put in the front living room and opposite hole where the other twin bed used to be
the threads have been much help
thanks to all who get on here with advice

Alex 07-30-2004 10:24 PM

Hi Everyone,

We paid $3500.00 for a 1972 31 ft Ambassador. After all is said and done; floor,curtains, new mattresses,couch,microwave,rims,tires,brakes and all the fun stuff for the inside; cleaning, polish, etc.. add another $3500.00 approx. But we feel a sense of pride and my wife is attached to that "tincan." We even love our small vintage dents. The best part is traveling and meeting A/S enthusiast and going to rallies. But most of all, its paid for and no monthly bills or interest!! Keep up the good work everyone hope to see you on the road.

alvinator 08-17-2004 05:44 PM

We just picked up our new 2005 28 Classic; it is a gorgeous unit with the new Vista View Windows. It was $49,500 out the door. This is our second Airstream trailer, we had a 1998 28 Excella which we were dumb enough to sell to get a Motorhome which we did not like.

My wife is tickled pink now that she has her 28 back!

Gigawatt 06-17-2005 01:31 PM

I paid $3000 for my Airstream a month ago
A month ago, I bought a 1970's Overlander for $3000.... it looks really nice inside and outside.... so it doesn't need much work.... the couch in the living room is missing, and so is the fold out kitchen table missing... and it doesn't have a fridge... but everything else is in pretty good shape....


TomW 06-17-2005 05:23 PM

Money is not always the key factor
You can read about my purchase here.

I heard later from one of my cousins that my uncle rejected many offers from others before I ever made my presentation. Susie wanted the Overlander, but neither her or her husband have the skills to put it back in the campground. :neutral:

I ended up feeling kind of special about getting my Airstream before I ever knew about this forum or the great people who contribute to it.

Okay, everyone can break out the Kleenexes now :D


PKelley 06-17-2005 05:55 PM

I bought my little 1964, 3000 lb. Globetrotter 5 yrs. ago. I paid $2000.00. It was all original. As of 6 wks ago I'm beginning to fix/restore all, including floor, floor beneath the toilet, power system, lights, dents, plumbing, upholstering.... need I go on. I'm having fun. I love this little gem! Happy trails!

safari57 06-24-2005 09:49 PM

Bought our '51 Airstream Flying Cloud last year for $5,000 Canadian. Re-modeled/rebuilt much of the interior, installed a bathroom, grey and black tanks and waste plumbing system, 50amp converter, mag wheels, hidden A/C and Micro and just took it out for a 7 day camping trip. It worked perfect, there's not one thing we'd change or do differently from how we've built it out, and it sure got a TON of attention. We pulled it with our '57 Pontiac stationwagon and the two look like they were made for each other. Total into the Airstream with me doing all the work is $6,600 and some change, and I sold my SOB for $6,900 so I'm stull bucks up and have the neatest trailer we can imagine owning. Life is good!

rfield54 06-25-2005 01:32 PM

What about those of us who own more than one Airstream? May we vote in the poll for each one? The price variation between my trailers is pretty extreme . . . Or should we just do an average?

TomW 06-25-2005 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by rfield54
...May we vote in the poll for each one? an average?

You won't be able to. :( One vote per member. I say this because I have already voted on my one Airstream, and the poll now tells me I have already voted.

Voting an average value of your American Classics would not help the end value of the poll. :neutral: You have two options as I see it:

1) Pick your most memorable price & post it.
2) Become "Sybil", and join the forums under multiple names (rfield54B, rfield54c), and vote every case.


aztlanco 06-25-2005 03:41 PM

I bought my trailer gutted-out, but it had a fairly nice body and I thought it was possible to restore it, along with the fact that it was impossible for me to buy a new one. I traded an enclosed utility trailer (that i had paid $600.00 for it) and a $200.00 donation to a church, so my initial investment was for a total of $800.00.
Two and a half years later, $4200.00 additional money spent and countless hours working on it and it's still not finished, but what fun it has been and what an education too, thanks again to all you nice folks on the forums who have helped me with answers and even parts. Thanks,
'58 Traveler, 18ft.

Anon 07-04-2005 06:21 PM

I paid $1,500 for my 1977 Minuet last June. I have had to replace nearly everything in it but that was mainly because I do not want something to break while I am camping. If I replace it now and service it when I should then I know what shape it is in and how long it has been in service.
I paid $800 for my 1973 Argosy 20. My brother that restored our 1963 Bambi with me when we were teenagers has laid claim to it. It needs a little more work than my Minuet but it is in great shape. Very roadworthy and tows like a charm. My brother says that he will pay me for it but I am not holding my breath! :)

desi arnaz 07-04-2005 06:58 PM

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D well i had a big set of whevos when i bought mine.........firefighter had it for sale on ebay for $5500, looked like hell in the pictures,looked even worse when i got it,but i got a great deal. i think the 2 previous owners were just overwhelmed by the damage.i am in the process of replacing the 2 rear r/s panels[1st one done this morning]just waiting on the proper ribs to be sent by airstream. they sent middle ribs not end ribs that were welded together........and very flimsy.
i have the r/s brown belly skin off and have matereal on it's way for free from a gutter contractor. all i have to do is cut it out using the old as a pattern.and then install the rest of the windows. still missing 2 out of 6 that were broken in the crash.
i am very happy with my purchase..........when i'm done it won't look brand new ,but it will look much better than it did and be very useable.......i am dissipointed with how much crud airstream leaves behind in the belly and behind the walls though...i found papers and a lot of metal shavings which could of been cleaned up before shipping. i also found a hole that a new york sewer rat could of gotten through where the gas pipes come through the floor. i will foam that before i seal up everything..............all in all it has been a fun experance:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D: D:D:D:D:D.

Smokin Camel 07-08-2005 10:37 PM

Cheap Thrills
:) I bought mine from my vet (71 25 ft. Tradewind). It sat (under a roof) for ten years on his farm. So far almost everything seems to work. The furnace looks to need a bit of adjustment as it has a little carbon near the burnier. The trailer even had the original manual and warrenty with the original owners name & location. Doesn't look like many miles were on it. I do have to have the pull out beds re-upolstered, UV from the front window is rotting the front couch. I think I will look into modern bed foams and replace the entire foam core when I have them re-done. I have to check out a couple of clearance lights and replace the door light & the round one by the door. Fix a couple of tambour doors and I will be off in 71 retro-style. $1500, he just wanted to get rid of it because he bought a 38 ft. - 90k Damon motor home. :p The only future pain will be the Care-Free awning which is in parts and will need new canvas. I still have to figure out how to assemble it, I don't think it will be rocket science. It will be stored for a couple of years while I finish the work. I will test run it then and store it until retirement in somewhere around 6 years or so. These AS trailers are great, not to mention a fun hobby. Though camping with 4 German Wire Haired Pointers may be a bit trying!

So far my expenses have been--bearing grease, 4 tires, battery, 100 ft. of door & window seal + adhesive & cleaner, and extra 10-pack of light bulbs and some silicone spray. I should include a vacumn bag and some 409, 6-7 rolls of shop towels, A few pop rivets and washers for the under pan liner. Total--not sure but less than $2500 including purchase price. I am sure there is more to come. The worst part so far was getting the paper wasp nest out of the furnace exhaust and the birds nest out of the power vent.

Cheap Entertainment so far. (storage was great too--$100/year in a machine shed & I have room to work on it.

FrenchBern 07-09-2005 04:36 AM

Gigawatt, i have original couch in front and thinking of selling it because it's too heavy. Are you looking for one?

scf31 07-11-2005 05:10 PM

I am the 3rd owner of the Caravanner,we paid 7,000 for her and love it, We use it every 2 or 3 weeks except for winter.

DustyDevil 07-12-2005 11:59 AM

We traded for ours, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" in our case, something not worth much to us, got us a Silver Mine! Really looking forward to many great summers in our old Airstream.:)

cynthia 07-12-2005 12:16 PM

New 2004 19'Bambi
Ordered with everything on her from factory 29,500.Love her even more after 16mos.I'm still a bit of a newbie and admire those of you who have restored your babies.Following alot of you is helping me learn what I know someday I might (have) to do.Repairs!

Lamb & Elk 07-12-2005 01:30 PM

New or old? Time...time...time...
We originally were looking to buy an older AS and restore...we thought that it might be "fun" and we'd learn a lot in the process...
  1. However, then we started looking at other factors: We have a limited amount of "free" time that we want to spend "on the road" instead of renovating
  2. We want to be able to start traveling immediately without a "renovation" delay and major "ooops"
  3. We wanted our relationship to last (we already "survived" a bathroom and partial home remodel :D )
  4. And ditto #1 again...we just have too much other "stuff" (jobs, hobbies, etc) in our lives at the moment that limit "free" time
So...for now, the logical choice for us was to go with that we spend a limited amount of time on maintenance and repairs....However, who knows, in the future when we both are retired or have more free time...Maybe we'll get one of those 1950-1960's to remodel...:)

Alden Miller 07-12-2005 01:42 PM

We paid $8000 for our 31' 1981 Excella Limited last year. Everything in it was working fine (although we have since replaced the water heater because it was not quite as good as it could have been). Otherwise it's little stuff like marker lights, antenna,...

It was a little more than we were intending to spend but it was only 20 miles from our house. When we factored that in it made it worth the extra in our book.


pillageTHENburn 07-12-2005 02:35 PM

Ok, so it's not an Airstream "Trailer" but we paid $7,000 for our 1974 Argosy motorhome. It was 24' in 1974 and in 1984 the original owner had the chassis extended to 31'; added a tag axle; completely remodeled/redesigned the inside; full custom cabinets and floorplan. So now it's 31'. It has a 454 in it. We LOVE it!! It's been worth every penny so far (going on 2 years)!!

rickyandcook 07-22-2005 07:43 PM

we paid $39,000 for our 2006 Safari 25. It retailed for $45,000 with options, we are happy with our purchase.

CAAR 07-12-2006 06:05 PM

Old Vs New
2 Attachment(s)
I love my A/S even tough I have not had a chance to use it yet.

I got a 1965 globetrotter for $2900 cdn. it was in an OK shape complete, just needed some work in all the original appliences.

but noooooo, not me.........:sad:
I saw this evil website and decided to restore it-cuzromize it to my taste (actually my wife's taste).

so I took it all apart, restore the frame (cleaned it and painted it) it did not have rust other than superficial.

I put new floor, brakes, bearings, wires, insulation (so far)

I already bought a bunch of new appliences: A/C, range, fridge, furnace, water heater.

got new black water tank, new fresh water tank among other things.

I have spent like 5 grand ontop of the trailer! :huh: and tons of hours!

there are people that doesn't get it about old vs new.

I bought a 1973 porsche 914 a while back and restore it, then I sold it and I got a 1969 porsche 911 which I'm gonna restore.

an old vehicle looking sharp means passion for the car, that you know wht you are driving and care for it.

A New vehicle means that you have some dollars to spare.

also there are people that buy old because they can't afford to buy new and they hope to fix the old one little by little or they just don't know what they are getting into.

by the way I bought a brand new subaru and nobody said anything to me, but when I was driving my 914 tons of people stopped by to give complements about the car.

so what's the veredict?
Old or new???

for me..... Old


Happycampers 07-12-2006 07:21 PM

We bought our 1979 Argosy 30ft. for $1500.00 here on the forum classifieds from a few pictures in Feb. picked it up on the way home from Florida in April. The only thing that dosen't work is the 8 track. Had to tow it across Hwy. 50 in West Virginia, that is some winding road.

Coastalview 07-12-2006 09:26 PM

We paid $4,500 for ours in the summer of 2002, sight unseen on ebay. Came with new tires and two new deep cycle rv batteries installed, otherwise completely original with everything still working. She's no show queen, a few beauty marks, but is rock solid and shows no signs of any leaks. As for maintenance costs to date? $20.00 on a used electric heating element for the refrigerator. Been cheap to keep. :)
We are heading out tommorrow for several weeks of boondocking in the Cascade Range. Jeff

welld.geo 10-17-2006 05:52 PM

Sometimes high, sometimes low.
We paid $3,500 for our 31' Sovereign from a fellow teacher here in town. The more I look at it in the drive, the better that price sounds. The more digging around I do on it, the higher it feels. Go figure...:blink:

aztlanco 10-17-2006 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by welld.geo
We paid $3,500 for our 31' Sovereign from a fellow teacher here in town. The more I look at it in the drive, the better that price sounds. The more digging around I do on it, the higher it feels. Go figure...:blink:

i agree!!!! They just keep going up in value all the time, so from a point of investment,, they yield good returns. The new ones are are just too pricey and they devaluate when new for a few years before they start to go up in value.
'58 Traveler, 18ft.;)

tbrom 10-17-2006 07:08 PM

We stole ours for $500. As I continue to work on it the "fix up" price continues to rise. I still feel we got a great deal. It is all original and every thing works(the toilet needs some parts and the AC is untested) I needed a new project with all the spair time I have between my job, coaching and raising a family! It has also served to clean up all the extra stacks of money that have been cluttering up the house.

rolwil 10-17-2006 07:19 PM

My stepgrandpa died no he didn't leave it to me, he left it to my step uncle and step father, they didn't want anything to do with it sooo..they gave /offered it to me...1974 AS sovereign in disrepair for 6 years some had considered it abandoned, north of Yreka, CA
So Free w/back registration and repairs that I do/and don't even know about.

Cost to move it home to Central Valley-
$1000.00 gas/rental etc, and the man I thought was my boyfriend... ya he said he was at one time. But made it clear on the trip no longer.

All my nightmares coming true and I'm trying to move into it.

enduroryda 10-17-2006 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by tbrom
We stole ours for $500.

We didn't get quite that good of a deal but a wise man once told us upon entering ours, "You should be paying a fine for stealing this" ....a classic line I might add ;):D

dmaiden 10-17-2006 09:37 PM

$900 for a 63 Flying Cloud.
$1 for a temporary tag to haul it home
$85 in gas for the trip

Spiders and rat droppings: Priceless.

rolwil 10-17-2006 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by dmaiden
$900 for a 63 Flying Cloud.
$1 for a temporary tag to haul it home
$85 in gas for the trip

Spiders and rat droppings: Priceless.

Look closer, You may find a carcass in a cubby.. of what? Who knows, but it could be bigger than a rat! Dead under a carefully made bed... by who/what? Who knows...Now that's priceless.
Then being beaten back to the house by the huntress kitty...just as freaked out by the finds!!

Neophyte 10-17-2006 10:37 PM

$5k for a '67 Tradewind. $1.5K in new matresses & upholtery, $.4K tires, $1K miscellaneous (mostly Vulkum) and it's the best $ I've ever spent on a hobby.

Love my "Silver Dollar-sucker".

klattu 10-17-2006 11:41 PM

$15,000 for a 1989 '345' in September 06'
Came with new tires, fridge and batterys.
Missing ice maker.
All the water lines need those dang plastic fittings swapped over to brass.
Camera, thermometer are not working.
Everything else is ready to go...and we can't wait.

klattu 10-17-2006 11:43 PM

Oh yes...
Everyone in the neighborhood knows we got one, (something, they are not really sure) from the guys at auto parts to KFC joint.

Fyrzowt 06-16-2007 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by Neophyte
$5k for a '67 Tradewind. $1.5K in new matresses & upholtery, $.4K tires, $1K miscellaneous (mostly Vulkum) and it's the best $ I've ever spent on a hobby.

Love my "Silver Dollar-sucker".

That's a LOT of Vulcum :D

SafariSS 06-16-2007 12:27 PM

05 Safari LS Bunkhouse 30
List 61,200

sell 44, 600

these things did not sell real good.

Tinsel Loaf 06-16-2007 07:26 PM

Compaired to what the cost is today and the way she shines inside and out it seems like it was a steal.

Marti 06-17-2007 12:24 PM

got ours for 500 hundred too....
very GOOD DEAL I think... since everything works..

Marti 06-17-2007 01:20 PM

Mine is now up for sale... after all the hard work in finding the decor online, new mattresses and new curtains... my husband decided he wants a Class C RV.. so if anyone is interested in mine I have placed an AD just today, and I also have it on Ebay.

When it goes I sure will miss the forums, and all the lovely people I have met here.

bigeasy63 06-18-2007 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by dmaiden
...Spiders and rat droppings: Priceless.

...wasps, (not the black sissy ones, but the red kamikaze dive bombers:ninja:),black ants, and 100's of little rolled up balls of insulation which I am assuming made a nice condo for Stuart Little.

$2K for a 1963 overlander. In my opinion...worth every penny!

tslanier 06-18-2007 07:11 PM

More than I'd planned, but with no regrets!
Our first travel trailer adventure began with an Airstream last summer. We have spent more than we had planned on upgrades plus a capable towing vehicle, but we are enjoying it more than we had thought as well. We have no regrets.

flyfisher 06-24-2007 01:42 PM

And the, poll, goes on...

I see that I'm way in the minority, paying over $50,000 for our bucket of...

well, let's just say that after 3 years of ownership it was a LOT more than it ever was, or ever will be, worth.:(


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