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codybear 08-04-2007 10:16 PM

More than meets the eye!
On our trip to Seaside, Oregon, we ran into rain!..little did I know the newly upholstered cushions I competed for the Safari's trek, would get christened!..we had rain coming in from somewhere, and the left side of the dinette cushions got soaked:( I did a quick fix: using a tarp, I covered and wrapped (from the wall side) the top and bottom cushions, so that any new drops would fall onto the tarp and down against the wall..I also used a flannel backed tablecloth to cover the cushioned side where we sit upon so any drops could be absorbed by the flannel yet be waterproof on the underside..does this make sense to you????:lol:..we left the KOA after the 2nd nite, (luckily it stopped raining) then continued on to Oakridge, Oregon where we were met with a warm, sunny day..I was able to pull out the cushions and air dry them on the picnic table..I kept the coverings on the whole trip..never had rain, Steve washed down the trailer, and lo and behold..we found 3 areas where the water dripped now, we'll go get out the caulking and sealant,,,story continues on another thread!!!:flowers:

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