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amfab 01-27-2003 08:45 PM

Lower a Caravel?
Ive read some posts about raising trailers for more ground clearance, but I was wondering if anyone has ever lowered their trailer or has some idea as to how I would go about doing this.
I am turning a 67 Caravel into a, I mean a guest house... and I want it to be as diminutive looking as possible on the property, even a few inches could make a difference for my neighbors up against the fence.
I do want keep the trailer movable and want it to look as original as possible. I will be putting 14in wheels on it to take it down a little. The interior is gutted so........ anyone have any other ideas for this goofy project before I get started?
Thanks in advance

oldvws 01-27-2003 09:24 PM

if you are not going to move it then find a set of cheap rims(only) and switch them....thats a couple onches of tire right there....

if you will want to move it, dig a small trench for the tires to sit in, where it is going to sit dig a little deeper and fill with gravel so the rain water has an easy exit......

Action 01-28-2003 02:39 PM

If it is going to be used for greater than a week. Take the tires and wheels off and store them. The trailer will need support more than the tires anyway. It protects the tires from sun damage. (I don't care where it's located the sun can and will take it's toll) Gets the drop in height. And is very low tech. The only draw back is the effort it will take to remove the wheels and the type of support that you will place under the trailer.


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