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dorrbell 06-13-2007 12:24 AM

54 Flying Cloud art studio
I have a 1954 Flying Cloud that I am going to rig for doing art. I am a designer and have fantasized for some time about doing an AS dedicated to plein air painting.

No potty...outdoors works for me.
No kitchen...Thai takeout works for me.
No shower...don't need one.
No beds...air mattress on the floor works for me.
No sinks...don't need one.

OK AC make coffee
OK couple of shelves...for art supplies
OK a cabinet or rest the coffee maker
OK for some electricity for a light bulb and a radio

But that is about it. Very spartan! I'm going to get some of my painter friends[listed, of course] over to my house, pour a lot of wine and do a Jackson Pollack style drip painted canvas floor cloth to go on the new marine plywood floor. Zolatone the interior. voila...finis!

I'm going save all the discarded parts. Stash them out in a barn. Well this olde 54 was last registered in Idaho about 19 years ago. I picked it up in Eastern Oregon. I think it spent the last 50 years in the high mountain desert, which might account for it not having any serious dry rot. It still had somebodys olde western 8 track cassettes in a paper bag. Lotsa dust. I'm not going to mess with the exterior at all, except to repair all of the windows and the door. I like the charachter of a few little dings and scuffs. It has the olde red # 1110 all faded out on the stern. I like that. Then it is off to the desert to paint landscapes, drink coffee, and listen to the radio.

I'm thinking of letting other painters borrow it in exchange for a painting, if I can make sure of liability and insurance issues. Just a thought. Might change my mind. It will live quietly in the shade of some oaks, redwoods, and flowers
mostly. Just a short walk through my garden to my new studio. Turn on the radio, heat up some coffee and stare at the floor.

yukionna 06-13-2007 05:15 AM

Welcome to the forums and congrats on your find of a '54 Flying Cloud. Do you have photos you can share of your find? I also own a '54 Flying Cloud and would like to see what it looks like. Is there a serial number located on a plate just outside the front door?

Good luck with your art studio and update us on your progress. :cool:

66Overlander 06-13-2007 05:21 AM

Why don't you find an already gutted trailer and start with that rather than taking an intact and rare vintage Airstream and modify it by removing all of the interior that sounds like is in reasonably good shape. You would be doing both trailers a favor by doing so. Gutted Airstream come up for sale very frequently.

1953 Flying 06-13-2007 08:49 AM

Hi There,

I own a 53 Flying Cloud. You had mention you are going to store all the parts in a barn. I was wondering if your trailer came with a Dixie stove and a Marvel fridge? Are they working? If not I was wondering if you would be interested in selling some parts off those units. I have kept my AS all original, zolotone paint, appliances, toilet.. ect. My fridge and stove are working but I'm missing a couple of parts. Let me know if this is some thing you can help with. Thanks and good luck with your studio.

1953 Flying Cloud

Aria 06-13-2007 10:42 AM

Photos would be great. To renovate I do agree Joe. Flying Cloud is a super rig. You would be able to find one in "rough" condition and use for your Art Studio.

Start with shell and design your Studio. I teach Department of Art in College. Sounds like a great idea. Keep us posted. Aria

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