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Robmk2 06-05-2007 01:34 PM

Hi folks ---
Hi, Rob here, and I would like to introduce myself to the forum, where I have been lurking for the past month or so.

I'm a Northern Brit living in Texas (it's now 23 years) and I'm about ready to venture back to the wild world of Aluminum after taking a break for a few years.

I say I'm going back to aluminum as I built a two place aluminum airplane a few years back - and flew it to Oshkosh for the big fly-in. The built plane (a Vans RV6) had some 18,000 flush rivets in it (Some spaced at less than an inch in places) :huh: .

Anyway the plane is now sold, and I am older, maybe wiser, and have a 3 year old granddaughter. So I guess priorities change - don't they just. Anyway, I'm sure the experience I gained banging, folding, polshing, and working the 'ally from the 3,000 plus plane building hours will be of some use here.

Having looked about for a while - I think i have settled on buying an Avion, a 34 foot 1986 silver edition. (OK its not an airstream but its a start - and I love the quality, the layout and the look...)

I really screwed up and bought a 30 foot SOB earlier this year. I wanted to check if we all were really going to be into the camping thing and, - Well - yes we are, and I have quickly realized that I made an big error in buying the 30-foot-long-cat box.

The thing is cosmetically pretty but is cheaply made, has the finish of an orange box, and quite frankly has absolutely no character or soul. It handles just fine (eqal-i-zer be thanked) but the avions and airstreams seem to be much, much better in finish, are professionally made, and just seem completely superior in every respect, (including this forum!). They are also much lighter to boot than most of the modern crap on offer.

Anyway. Here I am guys and gals, and I'm happy to be here.....Wish me luck in my quest!

Silver Threads 06-05-2007 01:40 PM

Hi Robert and Welcome to the forums! Good Luck on your Airstream/Avion hunt. Personally, I think you should buy and Airstream!:rolleyes: Im sure others here will agree. Its not like Im prejudice or anything.....:D

skyvalley 06-05-2007 01:51 PM

Welcome aboard (from lurking.:D) Your aluminum bird sounds like it was rewarding. You will have the same good experiences here. Had an Avion years ago, it was a beauty. Also did up a Greyhound bus years ago--same thing-- quality construction--rewarding to work on.

Good luck in your quest!


P.S. check out the Airstreams well...

Robmk2 06-05-2007 02:04 PM

Have not given up on AS yet....looking at 34 footers there also!

pinkflamingoes 06-05-2007 02:08 PM

I don't know that much about Avions, so I can't compare to Airstreams. Is there a big price/quality difference?

Good writeup on the SOB experience! Makes me glad I have an airstream even when I get discouraged on the rehab.

Excella CM 06-05-2007 02:50 PM

Avion? I thought Avions were cast iron.:D

Foiled Again 06-05-2007 03:18 PM

I've prowled around a couple of 80's vintage ones. The frame rails are HUGE and it has three main beams. Don't think there's any flex in that baby. The decor is IMHO a bit overblown - sort of a cross between French Provincial and The Best Little W**** house in Texas. (Since I really like the CCD look I'm being negative about a style that reminds me of mom's living room circa 1958. The ones I've seen have lots of bronze marbled mirrors and raised panel molding. I like sleek and minimalist)

That said, the fit and finish of the Avions is first class, however they are made with anodized aluminum so they can't be polished. This however may be a good thing if standing in the blazing sun with a cyclo isn't your cuppa tea.

I hope that you'll have luck finding the parts, etc. that you need to maintain your Avion. I think that Fleetwood bought out, then discontinued the Avion and there may be a blog for Avion restorers under their website? Know I've seen one somewhere. Someone here will probably chime in and give you the link.

At any rate, ENJOY the hunt and the capture. The dry climate in the southwest is a good preservative for RV's so you're in the right neighborhood to find one without the floor rot and frozen pipe issues.

Paula Ford:flowers:

dudebb 06-05-2007 03:32 PM

Good Luck in your search Rob and welcome to the posting side of the forums. I have always liked the serious wood finishes in the old Avions. They sorta remind me of the "back East country club" feel. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the search and refurbishment.

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