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Jason1101 01-23-2003 08:00 AM

Trailer plug - Adapter or New Plug??
My '76 has the original round connector with sockets for round "pins." (From memory it's 6 or 7-pins. Sorry I don't have the trailer so I'm not sure. I can get a photo from previous owner if necessary.) My tow vehicle is a 2001 GMC factory-equipped with the 7-pin round connector with flat "blades."

Is there an adapter plug availble that will work without rewiring? (They have bunches of different ones at my local mega-mart.)

I seem to remember posts mentioning the brake connections being in a different location on some older Airstreams?? So is this a bad idea? Should I just buy a new style 7-pin plug and take the time to rewire the Sovereign to match the GMC? (Obviously, any guidance on the new wiring diagram is really appreciated!)

I know this has probably been answered dozens of times, sorry to ask again. But as always, I appreciate the guidance...


Gene Wissink 01-23-2003 08:18 AM

Ours has the round plug on the trailer with a connecting cord out of it to the truck, this is where you would make your change over to the flat blades on the cord end pluging into the truck.

3Ms75Argosy 01-23-2003 10:49 AM

Jason, its probably better just to rewire your trailer to the 7 way flat prong round plug. There are some threads on this, but
1) If you use different trucks to tow your trailer, you will have a universal plug to go into any of them.
2) I believe that the AS round plug may have different wires going to each prong, making a miswire if an adapter is used.
3) There is a wiring diagram at Look under FAQ's for the wiring diagram. You may want to test each lead, as they could be wired differently from the diagram.

overlander64 01-23-2003 11:25 AM

Trailer plug - Adapter or New Plug??
Greetings Jason!

I would definitely recommend that you rewire the plug to the current standard using the typical (for today) 7-blade plug design. I have done this with both my '79 Argosy Minuet 6.0 Metre, and '64 Overlander. I had the additional incentive that not only were both trailers not to current standard - - there was a different standard for '64 when compared to '79.

The wiring diagram for the plug used in 1966-1981 can be found at:

Airstream Umbilical Cord Wiring Diagram 1966-1981

The wiring diagram for the modern 7-blade connector can be found at:

Wiring Diagram for Standard 7-blade Trailer Connector

While an adapter might be a stop gap, it will double the potential for problems due to corrosion and "fit" problems between the various components. I find that I have enough problems with corrosion utilizing the "direct" connection method.


Jason1101 01-23-2003 06:24 PM

That's Perfect!!
Exactly what I needed to know and fast, Thanks!! That really saves me some diggin' around time!

I was hoping to do a lot of work - new tires, check brakes, repack (replace?) bearings, change plug, change battery, check lights, setup hitch and brake controller - and bring her home all in one day. It's slowly starting to sink in that I should allow myself at least two trips. (She's only 1.5 hours away, I'm just anxious to get her home!!)

Also, after I looked at the diagram of the existing plug, I don't think there is an adapter. (not at the mega-mart anyway!) It only makes sense that they're designed to allow connection between the different "new" style connectors. (i.e. 4-pin flat, 5-pin flat, 6-pin round and 7-pin round, if I remember correctly?) That way somebody with multiple vehicles/trailers doesn't have to convert all of them to one style. I doubt if there is much of a market for "old Airstream" 7-pin to "new" 7-pin. ;)

Anyway, Thanks again!

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