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strawberryjo 05-30-2007 06:12 PM

Camp and route to Yellowstone?
Hi all,
my wife and I are headed east to yellowstone for a short stay.
We are coming on Hwy. 12 to Missoula then I90 over to the bozeman/livingston area.

So, question, any reccomendations for over night in missoula. One night prefer ele.& water, but boondock is o.k.

Also which route would you take down into the park from the north?
287, 191 or 89 ? rig dosen't like the heights.

Thanks in advance,

CanoeStream 05-30-2007 08:09 PM

Anybody out west logging in after supper want to look at this post? Thank you so much!

Joe, we really do mean it when we say, "Welcome to the Forums!" When do you leave?

Condoluminum 05-30-2007 08:28 PM

Yellowstone AND Glacier?
As a token westerner, I'll take a partial shot.. Welcome! Your post has Glacier Park in title, yet you asked about Yellowstone... Assume you found places to stay on southwest side of Glacier NP, or at south end of park, or in East Glacier or St. Mary's.. All are OK...

We took road from Livingston down (Hwy 89) and spent night backed up to Yellowstone River at KOA near town of Emigrant... It was OK (kind of crowded..) but ability to hear fish jumping from river behind trailer was a plus.. That road is level, following river valley until park entrance..

Route 191 follows Gallatin River and goes past Big Sky area, and is also relatively level until reaching West Yellowstone. Can't comment on Rte 287.. You'll experience high passes crossing mountain ridges from west to east in park, as those 3 roads follow flat rivers and trails laid out long ago by folks traveling on horseback...

CanoeStream 05-30-2007 08:36 PM

Looks like it is Yellowstone!
Pardon me John (and Joe). The original title didn't fit on the portal page line very well -- it was just a bunch of dot-dot-dots. I shortened it and I was misleading by putting in Glacier -- that wasn't even in the original title. I've changed the title to Yellowstone now. I should get it right if I'm trying to help. :flowers:

gaylejoe 07-28-2007 10:11 PM

We were just a Yellowstone about 6 weeks ago. Stayed at the Fishing Bridge RV inside the park for 7 days. Great location. If you choose this one recommend reservations in advance.

Tim A. 07-29-2007 12:31 AM

We have spent a lot of time in the area you are asking about and much of it has been towing our Bambi. The routes you are asking about are good ones for getting from Interstate 90 to Yellowstone Park.

Highway 287 has the fewest hills and brings you along the justly famous Madison River into West Yellowstone, the west entrance to the park.

Highway 191 has lots of curves, usually many trucks, brings you along a beautiful stretch of the Gallatin River through the west edge of the park, and into West Yellowstone. West Yellowstone has several good RV parks such as the KOA west of town and Grizzly RV Park in town. Grizzly is very nice, but more expensive than many people wish to pay. Madison Campground in the park is only a short drive from West Yellowstone.

Highway 89 brings you along the Yellowstone River and its valley which is called Paradise Valley and then through the north entrance to the park. Someone else has already mentioned the KOA RV park and another (which we like) is Yellowstone Edge RV park in Emigrant. In Gardner just outside of the park is another commercial RV park and just inside the park is a popular Yellowstone RV/camping site.

Any of these roads is scenic and we can only recommend that you take your time and enjoy them. There are other RV parks along the way so you do not necessarily have to hurry to get into Yellowstone Park itself. Of course, once you are in the park, please take your time to enjoy its many wonders.

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