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Boondocker 05-27-2007 03:46 PM

Anyone run a feedlot?
A year and a half ago I took my mom and step-father out to see Yellowstone. They had a good time and have mentioned in a round about way that they might enjoy seeing the Four Corners area. So far so good, right? One of the things that really interested my step-father on the trip west was the cattle feed lots and he mentioned that he would like to visit one to see how they operate. Oddly enough it would mean a lot to him to see one up close and so forth. So here is my question: does anyone here operate a feedlot or know someone who does who would be willing to show a farmer from Tennessee around should we make the trip west? If anyone could help out on this one I would appreciate it. Thanks.

flyfisher 05-27-2007 08:26 PM

Rodney -

Some of our local Mennonites here in SE PA operate what has to be the world's biggest smorgasboard -- closest thing to a feedlot that I know. If you're in our neck-o-the-woods, stop by and I'll take your Dad for a visit to that feed trough. Although that's not what he had in mind, I'm sure he'd enjoy it. :D

Having worked for a number of years in one of the world's largest farm machinery manufacturer's, and having spent lots of time in Nebraska right next door to some big feed lots, you'd think I should know of someone??? Sorry, but all my contacts have long since moved on to other pastures. Hope someone else here can help you out.


callummor 05-27-2007 09:18 PM

Re Feedlot Visit
Hi I read your thread re relative wanting to visit a feedlot during an upcoming trip out west. As a retired beef farmer I suggest that you contact Cargill Meats @ 1-800-227-4455. They are one if not the biggest feedlot owners/operators in both Canada & the USA. Surely they would accomodate a Tennessee farmer wishing to visit their operation.

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