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puppybear 05-03-2007 07:09 AM

hello from uk
hi everyone , glad to find you as im about to try and import and restore an airstream and i think i will have some questions about this real soon , feel free to email me with any positive thoughts or guide me away from any pitfalls you may have encountered yourselfs . thanks for your future help and guidence .

steve phillips

yukionna 05-03-2007 07:11 AM

A hearty "hello" from the other side of the pond! Welcome to the forums! I don't know anything about importing/exporting but I know others have knowledge and will certainly pipe in. You could also try the "search" button at the top of the page. This forum is a great knowledge base of information!

Here's a link to a similar thread to get you started:

Good luck in your search! :flowers:

CanoeStream 05-03-2007 07:18 AM

Howdy Steve -- and welcome to the Forums! Where to start? It would be overwhelming to write a formula for a wise purchase, shipping to England, etc. Best advice would be to hang out, get a grasp on what you don't know, research to fill in a decent framework of knowledge, and ask questions along the way. Avoid getting excited and making an impulsive purchase. 20-30 year old Airstreams demand a lot of rehab before they can be used. Any Airstream more than 22' long and built after 1994 is 8' 6" wide and probably couldn't be licensed for your roads.

Van 05-03-2007 07:45 AM

Hey Steve, welcome to the forums.

There is a ton of info to be hand here. It is an Airstream/Argosy owners best friend.

Make sure to post up some pictures of your trailer once you get it.

Moonstruck 05-03-2007 09:25 AM

Hi Steve,
don't try! In the words of the Greek God in trainers, "Just do it! It's the most rewarding thing I've done in years! If you need any help, PM me and I will assist where possible.

fozzies 05-04-2007 12:40 PM

Hi, we are also new members from the UK and are looking to buy a motorhome. We love the look of the 310 but don't know too much about them. Does anyone know faults to look for with these vans and what to expect gas mileage? We know american gallons are a bit smaller than ours but also a lot cheaper! We probably won't be able to afford to run it far, unless the engine and transmission can be changed for a more efficient one or can you get LPG conversions for them? We don't mind working on vehicles as we are both capable mechanics.
We haven't found a good shipping agent yet but will post if we do.
Keith & Sara, on Skype as fozzies2

puppybear 05-07-2007 12:26 PM

thanks for all your replies i will get in touch with you soon moonstruck to ask lots and lots of questions and let everyone here know how igot on .... thanks again

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