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JodynJeep 01-15-2003 06:57 PM

Hello from Seattle / Moving Scams
It has been awhile since my last post. Happy New Year to everyone. Last week I loaded up my AS and drove out to Seattle, WA where I am now officially "relocated". To my surprise it handled quite well in the high winds and icy conditions I had to tow it through.

My Furniture however is being held hostage by a ALLIED MOVING SYSTEMs (who to my dismay are not related to ALLIED VAN LINEs like they said they were). They lowballed the estimate (4500), and then once the trucks were gone demanded 12K in cash for me to get it delivered. Luckily, in PA I fell under the juristiction of the PA STATE Police, and its being criminally investigated as "Theft by Deception". Still haven't gotten my furniture, but have managed to get the FL police (AMS is headquartered in FL), PA State Police, the FBI, Dept of Transportation Attorney General's Office, and even NBC-10 invloved and investigating. Moral of the story is "NEVER EVER USE a ONLINE "Let MOvers BID Your MOve". And be even more wary of the yellow pages. Seems this is a pretty rampant scam - and for more information before you ever move - check out sites like - and do not trust the Better Business Bureau lists - AMS actually had zero complaints and the BBB Online Seal - but FL Police had at least three other similiar cases pending against the company. Even better however, ALLIED VAN LINEs is providing the legal support - as they are seeking to shut the company down. Most consumers are not so lucky as most states persist this kind of extortion and fraud is merely a "contract dispute".. So If you know someone looking to hire movers for a move... advise them accordingly...

Otherwise - life is just swell.... Bring on the rain~!


John 01-15-2003 07:09 PM


Being down here in Scamville, USA it's not uncommon to hear these truly sad stories.

Please check your stuff carefully, as they have been known to intentionally damage peoples goods after being caught.

I don't mean to bring any more negative vibes to an already poor situation, but just wanted you to be aware!


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